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“Michael Beasley, they aint even testing for drugs right now … if there was ever any chance for you, it is now!” – NBA fans go wild on the ex-NBA player’s latest tweet

Arun Sharma

"The whole world laughed at me, It hurt my feelings, I'm not going to lie": Michael Beasley on dealing with the grief of his losing his family members and addressing the viral shorts incident

Michael Beasley has never not been confident – be it in his abilities, or his ability to not get caught.

Say what you want to say about Michael Beasley, but the man knows how to entertain. Not a star by any means, Beasley knew how to get mouths wagging with her off the court antics. A man known for his drug issues, the Rasta man attitude and the general aura of a hippie, Beasley did not give two cents about talks on his behavior.

His antics even caused him to lose his spot on the Phoenix Suns roster, when he got arrested for the possession of marijuana. That did not stop him from playing basketball though, taking his talents abroad to China, where even though laws were stricter, he could play basketball at least.

He’s made so many comebacks to the NBA, its almost like watching Sony reboot Spiderman for over and over. With him out of the league for almost 3 years now, last playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. For a guy who’s never been anything but a role player, he’s surely played on some of the biggest teams in the basketball circuit.

His latest tweet comes up after watching a bunch of his generation of players back on the rosters of various teams with hardship contracts. We’ve see “Iso Joe” Johnson come back, Lance Stephenson, LaMarcus Aldridge coming out of retirement. TBH, he would do a much better job than what Kent Bazemore is doing on the Lakers right now.

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Michael Beasley knows how to crack people up – he once tried to enter a game without his uniform shorts on!

NBA Twitter is ruthless when players say something so controversial yet so hilarious. They would probably bully Jordan back into a fourth retirement should he come back to play now. When Beasley tweeted his comeback would be the biggest in sport history, there is no way they would let it slide.

Even KD and Klay who were out for more a year and a half with career threatening injuries did not tweet this way.

Whatever said and done, there are people who appreciate this kind of confidence in a man, and Beasley sure does care for nothing but playing ball. And smoking up, cos there is no other explanation as to how he thought his comeback if he even gets a chance would be bigger than what Klay Thompson just had.

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Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma


Arun Sharma is an NBA Editor at The SportsRush. A double degree holder and a digital marketer by trade, Arun has always been a sports buff. He fell in love with the sport of basketball at a young age and has been a Lakers fan since 2006. What started as a Kobe Bryant obsession slowly turned into a lifelong connection with the purple and gold. Arun has been an ardent subscriber to the Mamba mentality and has shed tears for a celebrity death only once in his life. He believes January 26, 2020, was the turning point in the passage of time because Kobe was the glue holding things together. From just a Lakers bandwagoner to a basketball fanatic, Arun has spent 16 long years growing up along with the league. He thinks Stephen Curry has ruined basketball forever, and the mid-range game is a sight to behold. Sharma also has many opinions about football (not the American kind), F1, MotoGP, tennis, and cricket.

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