“Michael Jordan ate McDonalds every morning for breakfast”: Charles Oakley reveals the Bulls legend’s pre-game meals among other stories on All the Smoke podcast

Amulya Shekhar
|Published February 04, 2022

Charles Oakley revealed that Michael Jordan had a dietician’s nightmare of a breakfast menu – McDonald’s burgers – every morning.

In a sports world that has increasingly become dedicated to serving athletes with ideas for a highest possible performance on the court/pitch, consuming unhealthy food and having bad food habits is something universally frowned upon.

Contrary to the headline you’ve seen, Michael Jordan actually had a reputation for trying to lead a healthy life. The Bulls legend was among the first greats to hire a personal trainer – Tim Grover – in his pursuit of extended greatness and dominance.

However, before he dedicated his life to winning and maintaining his championship glory, Jordan didn’t really have the best approach when it came to having disciplined, healthy habits.

One of his indulgences, according to his former teammate Charles Oakley, was eating McDonald’s during the regular season. As we all know, fried fast food is no one’s idea of a healthy meal. But it seems the most dominant athlete in the history of the sport would rise beyond dietary restrictions.

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Charles Oakley reveals a peculiar Michael Jordan trait on All the Smoke Podcast

Charles Oakley was a teammate of Michael Jordan for much of the Bulls legend’s initial career. They were both drafted the same year by GM Jerry Krause.

While Mike was pinned with the responsibility of leading the Bulls to the playoffs and relevance, Oakley had a much more subdued, fixed, unglamorous role on the team – that of an enforcer.

A man like MJ would often be the subject of hard fouls and targeted dirty plays by opposition players. Oakley would be on hand to make sure that tempers never frayed and that Jordan remained unscathed.

Speaking to Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on All the Smoke podcast recently, Charles Oakley gave us another glimpse into the life of the GOAT during his early playing days:

“He (Michael Jordan) didn’t take a beating when I was there (accompanied by a dry smile). Detroit, and Joe Dumars, y’all were giving him some tough love (though).”

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“Man we just bonded and we used to go everywhere together. On the road trip, him and me. To the airport – most of the time I ran with him. We’d go play ping pong, swimming, spades.”

“I wasn’t cooking like I was, but my cooking started picking up. We ate a lot of McDonald’s back then. MJ ate McDonald’s every morning for breakfast. And before games, he’d eat steaks before every game.”

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