“Michael Jordan is such a scumbag”: Compton-based rapper gives backhanded compliment to the Bulls legend and Donald Trump as businessmen

Amulya Shekhar
|Published April 01, 2021

In an interview with GQ magazine, Vince Staples once called Michael Jordan and Donald Trump ‘scumbags’, in a grudging and admiring sense.

A whole generation of rappers and sportspersons grew up worshipping Michael Jordan. The man was more than an ordinary icon, he was a real-life superhero for some people.

Jordan enjoyed practically universal adulation from all sections of American society in his playing days. In fact, he ranks as America’s favorite athlete even 18 years after retirement.

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Despite having such a magnetic pull, Jordan also enjoyed a reputation as a hardman – so to speak. You’d often hear unflattering tales of him taking some stuff too personally. However, this never spilled into truly harmful behaviour – at least to others.

It would be a consensus opinion that Jordan was a sore loser – a man with flaws, a ‘humane’ person, but a real one at that. MJ never hid his true nature behind a made-up charade if he could help it.

Vince Staples talks about Michael Jordan and Donald Trump in 2015

The Compton-based Vince Staples had just achieved breakthrough mainstream success at the time of this exchange. He laid out exactly why he admires Jordan and Trump. Do keep in mind that Trump wasn’t a Presidential candidate at the time.

“Michael Jordan’s such a scumbag. I love him. Michael Jordan and Donald Trump are the same kind of person. Michael Jordan, Donald Trump — they are the epitome of bad people in America becoming successful.”

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“I love Donald Trump and Michael Jordan; some of my favorite people,” he said. “Both just mean, mean people with a horrible sense of fashion. They’re so evil.”

“Michael Jordan is like the evil boss at the end of every video game. He’s a piece of s***. Everyone knows Michael Jordan’s mean, though. So, I think that’s the best thing about him is he doesn’t pretend he’s nice. He’s got a couple charities, so it evens out.”

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