‘Michael Jordan led massive $46 million funding round to build Solana crypto’s metaverse future’: When the Bulls legend added to his $2.3 billion net worth with Allen Iverson

Ashish Priyadarshi
|Published June 16, 2022

Michael Jordan has always been a savvy businessman as indicated by his billion dollar net worth, and he also looked to invest in the future with Allen Iverson once.

Michael Jordan is one of the richest sporting figures in the world, and he doesn’t try to hide his wealth either. The NBA GOAT had the richest NBA contract during his playing days, playing for a contract worth around $33 million a year. If you adjust that figure for inflation, he’d be making around $50 million today which would be the highest salary in the league.

It only makes sense for Jordan to have the highest NBA salary of all time. After all, he is regarded as the greatest basketball player in history, and so it makes sense for him to have been paid like that.

However, most of Jordan’s current $2.1 billion net worth came after his playing days. His Jordan brand has netted him insane profits, and he’s also the owner of the Charlotte Hornets, finding multiple ways to stay in the business world and make money.

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Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson led a massive funding group to back Solana

In 2021, Solana started to emerge as alternate to Ethereum, and as the NFT market grew, interest in Solana started to rise as well. The protocol behind Solana, the Metaplex Foundation, received massive funding from a lot of different sources including Jordan.

Metaplex raised $46 million in a round that was co-led by Multicoin Capital and Jump Crypto, with Solana Ventures, Alameda Research, and Animoca Brands. Additionally, Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, Kevin Love, and Joel Embiid all took part as individual investors, helping raise the $46 million.

Metaplex is hoping to build upon what Solana has right now by expanding the usage for Solana NFTs to video games, social applications, and bringing apps to life on phones, all through the metaverse.

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The platform also recently launched its debut NFT collection in March, through HEIR, a Solana based platform. The collection was inspired by none other than Michael Jordan and his Bulls days.

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