“Kobe Bryant bet me $50,000 to play him 1v1 but he HAS to guard me!”: When Kyrie Irving challenged the Lakers legend to a one-on-one and eventually got schooled in an NBA game

Nithin Joseph
|Published June 16, 2022

Kyrie Irving has always been confident in his abilities. However, he once made the mistake of trash-talking one of the greats, Kobe Bryant!

If there is one thing Kobe Bryant is famous for, it is what he and now the world refer to as the Mamba Mentality. Two words that signify his mental strength and toughness.

Ever since he was drafted in 1996, Kobe has been set on one thing, winning. He did all he could, be it practice early, practice late, take advice from vets, anything, all so he could win.

So much so, that his obsession helped him win five NBA Championships. This coupled with his numerous individual accomplishments is what makes him one of the greatest of all time.

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Apart from his reputation as a serial winner, he was also a one-on-one nightmare. Nevertheless, a young Kyrie Irving made the bold decision to challenge the Laker legend.

Kobe Bryant made Kyrie Irving regret ever challenging and trash-talking him into playing a one-on-one

If there is one thing NBA history has shown us, there are certain players you do not mess with. Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Larry Bird are but a few who come to mind.

Another legend is none other than Kobe Bryant. The Black Mamba has a good memory and his memory was on point when Kyrie Irving decided to challenge him to a one-on-one for $50,000.

Kobe played it down but later gave in to Kyrie’s nagging. The match was set to take place a year later, but the Laker legend decided to take Irving to school a bit earlier, as he dropped 42 points on Kyrie when the Cavs and Lakers met in 2012!

Unfortunately, the fated one-on-one never occurred, as Kobe would go down with an injury. Nevertheless, it’s safe to say Kyrie Irving learned he should have never challenged one of the GOATs.

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