“Warriors are 5-1 when Stephen Curry isn’t their leading scorer!”: Stats reveal why Golden State may be better off without the Chef going ballistic in Game 6 vs Jayson Tatum and co.

Achyuth Jayagopal
|Published June 16, 2022

Stephen Curry is arguably the greatest Warrior of all time.

The engine around which Dub Nation revolves, Steph has changed the game of basketball. The sharpshooting marvel is the spark that revived the Warriors and led them to their best spell of success in franchise history.

With the Warriors on the fringe of a 4th title in eight years, their status as a dynasty is undoubted. The Warriors are one win away from breaking Celtic hearts and reclaiming the NBA title.

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Steph Curry along with Klay Thompson and Draymond Green form the spine of the dynasty. The three stars were drafted by the Warriors and are a testament to their famed player development system.

Steph has been the most potent offensive weapon in their arsenal for years. However, with the dynasty narrative and the LeBron stopper narrative surrounding them, the Warriors grew to be hated by a part of the NBA community.

Steph’s legacy in particular has been a topic of discourse repeatedly. A stat from the 2022 NBA Playoffs has further sparked debate in this regard.

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While Steph haters are quick to dismiss Steph’s greatness with this, Warriors fans are using it once again to educate the others of Steph’s elite status.

The anti-Steph camp has used this to show how great the Warriors are in toto and that Steph is just a contributor to a great system. Camp Steph however begs to differ.

Warriors fans point out that while the team is deep, this is indicative of Steph’s shooting gravity. To them, it shows how the team benefits from having Steph even on an off-scoring night.

Steph’s creativity and how he uses his gravity to attract opponents while willingly moving the ball to better-placed teammates has often been discussed. The same has been fully on display in the 2022 NBA Playoffs.

Steph’s unselfish play and basketball IQ have meant that even without his scoring, the Warriors can take wins. But it is by no means proof of the team being good without Steph. There is a reason Steph is leading the Finals MVP table as we speak.

If the ring is secured, Steph is definitely moving up a few steps in the all-time pyramid. And if his team wins when he isn’t scoring, he’s just going to continue his ascend happier.

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