“Michael Jordan stole every single quote from his college coach”: Kenny Smith exposed $1.7 billion man for using UNC coach’s quotes as his own

Samir Mehdi
|Published July 08, 2022

Michael Jordan would steal quotes from his UNC head coach, Dean Smith, on the regular, according to alum, Kenny Smith. 

The history of college basketball would’ve been quite different if Michael Jordan got his way and joined UCLA like he wanted to. Of course, that didn’t happen and the world was introduced to a freshman who had the guts to take a game-clinching shot during the NCAA championship game against Patrick Ewing and Georgetown. 

A lot of what Jordan brought to the table during his rookie season with the Chicago Bulls came from the guidance he received from Dean Smith and Roy Williams while at Chapel Hill. 

The Chicago Bulls weren’t exactly competitive during the early 80s and a lot of their players, according to Michael Jordan himself, indulged in narcotics on the daily. However, knowing that he wanted to be great and combining that with the teachings of the legendary Dean Smith led him down that eventual path of greatness. 

Smith played such a big role in MJ’s life that, according to Kenny Smith, Jordan would steal several of quotes.

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Kenny Smith on Michael Jordan stealing Dean Smith’s quotes. 

Kenny Smith actually played with Michael Jordan at UNC during the latter’s junior/final season. MJ was poised to re-join the uni for his senior season but was urged by Dean Smith to declare for the 1984 NBA Draft. 

According to ‘The Jet’, Jordan would spew several quotes that seemed profound but were in fact regurgitated from Dean himself. In Kenny’s words, Michael ‘stole’ that quotes from the legendary UNC bench boss.

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“Mike gets a lot of credit for his quotes but it’s just Dean Smith’s quotes. He stole it, it’s all plagiarism, it’s 100% plagiarism. He just adds expletives. Everything that Coach Smith said to us, that’s what Mike said. You could pull it from every interview; it’s plagiarism to the finest.” 


It’s not clear as to which quotes Michael took from Dean Smith but there certainly must’ve been an overlap in in some of those team hurdles back at UNC. 

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