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“Michael Jordan tried to lure me in to take all of my money”: Scottie Pippen claims the ‘GOAT’ gifted him a set of golf clubs in 1987 to trick him into gambling

Samir Mehdi
|Sat Jul 10 2021

Scottie Pippen hilarious retells the story of the time when Michael Jordan gifted him a set of golf clubs his rookie season to take his money. 

Stories on Michael Jordan and his competitive spirit have been relayed across sports media for decades now. Everything from dedicating himself to learning how to play table tennis for nearly 6 weeks straight just to ‘exact revenge’ on a friend who beat him earlier to calling over Charles Barkley to the green for some golf only to sniff out Chuck’s weaknesses, were all on the table. 

Speaking of golf, Michael Jordan has always had an affinity for the sport. Ever since early on in his playing days, Jordan took to the green whenever he had time to kill. Many believe golf was merely a hobby for the 6x champ but it’s been told by a ton of people close to Jordan that he was actually quite good at the game.

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Pro golfer, Rickie Fowler, even said that having Michael Jordan be as good as he is at golf is beneficial for the sport. A great analogy here would be what the Paul brothers are doing for boxing, but at a much lesser extent. 

Michael Jordan reportedly tried to lure Scottie Pippen into golf to try and take his money. 

Michael Jordan possessed perhaps the two deadliest components any professional athlete could possess: competitive vigor and a knack for gambling due to income at their disposal. Scottie Pippen experienced this first hand in merely his rookie season. 

The Chicago Bulls traded for Scottie Pippen on draft night in 1987 as they acquired him from the Seattle SuperSonics. Jordan wasted no time in trying to make his soon-to-be Robin to his Batman, feel welcome. So, he gifted him a set of golf clubs. According to Scottie Pippen, he saw right through the smoke and claimed it was just a ploy by Mike to get him onto the golf course.

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The catch would of course be the fact that Michael Jordan absolutely adored gambling during golf. Combine this with his antics such as unwrapping the Velcro off his golf gloves to annoy the person who is putting and it’s safe to say that that money is already his. 

It’s unclear if Pippen accepted this gift from Jordan but looking at how there hasn’t been a story out about the ‘His Airness’ embarrassing Pippen on the golf course, the latter may have refused. 

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