Michael Jordan, Who Refused to Back Black Political Candidates, Appreciated ‘Bishop of Brixton’ Jimmy Rogers’ Communal Work

Samir Mehdi
|Published October 16, 2022

Michael Jordan travelled to London to host a camp being held by ‘The Bishop of Brixton’, Jimmy Rogers in 1985 

Michael Jordan, unlike the athletes of today, was never one to dip his toes in the political sphere. Knowing he most definitely could sway more than just a couple votes in a political candidate’s direction, Jordan refused to provide his support when Harvey Gantt ran for Mayor in Charlotte. 

‘Republicans buy sneakers too’ became a national headline when it was found out that MJ used this reasoning when it came to stepping away from endorsing Gantt. This however, was much later into his career, when he was already an established superstar in the NBA. 

Back in 1985, Jordan was ‘merely’ the Rookie of the Year after leading the Chicago Bulls to the Playoffs against the Milwaukee Bucks. In the summer of ‘85, the league’s most popular youngster was invited to London by Jimmy Roger.

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Michael Jordan had a great deal of respect for Jimmy Rogers for trying to provide equal opportunities for all 

Jimmy Rogers, often nicknamed the ‘Bishop of Brixton’, founded the Brixton Topcats in 1985 and was determined to break down racial barriers through the use of sports. He wanted to keep the youth off the streets and have them focused mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

This ideology resonated with Michael Jordan quite deeply at age 22 as he accepted the offer to visit Brixton during the summer following his rookie year.

“It gives kids around here something to do. Instead of being out on the streets, they can come here and play basketball. They can have some goals and reach those goals. It’s a positive way of thinking,” said Jordan. 

Michael would then go on to play with the campers and provide them with a few tips and tricks when it comes to playing the game of basketball. 

What does the man who interviewed Michael Jordan in Brixton think of him? 

Even though Michael Jordan was coming off of a singular season in the NBA, his presence was more than enough to have the campers in awe. Vince Macaulay, the man who interviewed Jordan, said: 

“He was so humble and delightful. He had time for everyone and nothing was too much trouble. He inspired everyone in that gym that day.”

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