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Millionaire Bronny James’ 1st NBA bucket will make LeBron James and him achieve a hilarious father-son record

Tonoy Sengupta
|Wed Aug 10 2022

LeBron James and Bronny James could combine for perhaps the most unbreakable NBA record of all time

Bronny James is already 17 years old. The time to make the jump into the NBA draws closer and closer for this young man.

For those that may not be aware, the millionaire teenager is the son of LeBron James, who, at this point in time, is already 38 years old. And he is still putting up about 25-26 points per game. That is insane.

With the way things are looking, Bron could still be a very good player in the league by the time his son is in his rookie season. And since he has made it clear that he will go to the team that drafts him, they will clearly be on the same team, if everything goes according to plan.

This has opened up the possibility for a very special record. And it is one that will likely never be broken for the rest of eternity.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

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LeBron James and Bronny James could become the highest-scoring father-son duo in the NBA

And just in case you were wondering, no, they don’t have to cross any high number either.

To really explain to you what’s going on, we have a quote here from Reddit user ‘My_point_of_view’, from their post on the popular website.

“With his first NBA bucket, Bronny James will likely combine with Lebron to become the highest scoring father-son duo of all time.

I haven’t seen this mentioned yet but Lebron is 1,833 points away from having this record by himself, but needs Bronny or Bryce to help make it official.”

To make it even simpler, Bronny James needs to score just one NBA point, for this father-son duo to achieve this record.


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