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6’10” Anthony Davis unlikely to be healthy, so LeBron James will scrape into play-in again, Brian Windhorst announces

Arun Sharma
|Wed Aug 10 2022

Brian Windhorst and the rest of the NBA today personnel believe that Anthony Davis is not the solution to the Laker’s problems.

Brian Windhorst has followed LeBron James’ career ever since he entered in 2003, but this time he believes that they will barely make the play-in tournament. This time last year, all the pundits had opinions completely polar opposite. They had just traded for Russell Westbrook, and on paper, they had assembled a super team.

Whether or not they could have been one is a different matter. In reality, they proved everybody wrong. Right from the first pre-season game, everybody saw how old and slow the lakers had become. This season, they have not fixed their glaring problems yet, and the predictions are dire.

Lonnie Walker, Scottie Pipper Jr, Juan Toscano Anderson and Tory Brown Jr are not the answer, according to Windy. With the western conference getting competitive by the minute, 9th is insanely generous. Davis has never been fit enough to play 82 games a season, and the Lakers are foolish to believe this season he can be.

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Anthony Davis has been the butt of all jokes about his inability to remain fit – Yet coach Darwin Ham believes he will be the focal point

After winning a championship in the Orlando bubble, Anthony Davis has been softer than a wheel of Camembert. Last season he spent more time on the bench wearing various outfits from his closet rather than the jersey with his name on the back. While some of it was bad luck, most of the injuries could have been avoided if he trained like LeBron.

With the 6’10” Lakers star out for most of the season, the onus was on Bron to play in his role. For the first time in his life, LeBron had to play at the center, and he excelled at it. But with him moving there, the plays had to be run through Russell Westbrook instead, who was a turnover machine. Deprived of confidence, he missed more layups than anybody else in the team.

While the trio was fit, there were glimpses of a good team. But that window was so short, that people remember it like a fever dream. They had a winning record sure, but none of it mattered in the end. The season was disastrous from start to the end, and at one point Bron had to resort to on-the-court antics to enjoy himself again.

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