Cover Image for Millionaire Bronny James was grounded for indulging in marijuana while LeBron James was in the NBA Bubble  

Millionaire Bronny James was grounded for indulging in marijuana while LeBron James was in the NBA Bubble  

Jeet Pukhrambam
|Thu Aug 11 2022

Millionaire Bronny James caused massive outrage when he posted a video of him smoking marijuana, while dad LeBron was busy in the NBA Bubble!  

So, remember when the coronavirus pandemic was a thing and how troublesome and not to mention, downright scary it was for all of us? It feels like ages but it was just two years ago!

This was also the time when the NBA was paused and later resumed in a bubble in Disneyland of all places. Crazy times. While there are still asterisks on the title, we think it was more than deserved.

During the same time, teenagers and millennials were prowling on the internet. From live streams to chat rooms, everyone was finding one way or the other to keep themselves busy.

LeBron James’ son Bronny James was particularly good at enthralling audiences. He was an avid streamer on Twitch and even joined the Faze clan.

But, the most momentous thing he did was put up an Instagram story, where he was smoking a blunt.

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LeBron James was grinding out wins in the bubble, Bronny James was indulging in Marijuana

While LeBron was busy guiding the Lakers to their 1st championship in 10 years, young Bronny was posting videos of him smoking on social media.

While, we don’t really think that’s necessarily bad and in fact, there are laws around it that make it legal in a lot of places including California, he could have done better by not posting.

As this rant from Kevin Clancy sums it up. It is almost disastrous to be a kid of a popular celebrity these days. The visibility through social media makes everything worse.

We don’t think LeBron was too happy about this one. While he won the championship, we have never seen Bronny post ridiculous videos like this on social media since. Stay tuned to this space for more stories on LeBron James and family, straight from our vault.

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