Cover Image for LeBron James shares a post depicting the class of 2030’s Bronny James and Bryce the high flying dunkers

LeBron James shares a post depicting the class of 2030’s Bronny James and Bryce the high flying dunkers

Jeet Pukhrambam
|Mon Aug 08 2022

LeBron James is looking prouder by the minute, sharing videos of his sons Bryce and Bronny James dunking in the Lakers training facility.  

Bronny James and Bryce James look poised and ready to hit the big leagues. At just the tender age of 15 and 17 respectively, the two are remarkably powerful athletes.

It looks as though they inherited the explosiveness of their father. They have been in the gyms working out continuously and it shows.

LeBron cannot contain his happiness. He has been showing off his sons’ prowess on the basketball court for the last few months with great enthusiasm. As a proud father should.

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What is cooking in the James family? Bryce and Bronny James are becoming insanely athletic basketball players!

The James family cook must be on overtime. The two boys have grown by leaps and bounds since the last year. The result is two explosive athletes that can seemingly dunk with ease in their teenage years.

Father LeBron has been posting relentlessly about his kids. Including a pic where they look like the Dragonball Z trio of Goku, Gohan, and Goten.

The two have grown up a lot and it has been great to see their development unfold in front of our eyes. Let’s hope they make it to the NBA soon.

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