Nike earns $5 billion per year thanks to Michael Jordan, but $200 million worth rapper feels MJ was robbed

Advait Jajodia
|Published 24/08/2022

Rapper Master P highly praised Michael Jordan for getting Nike on the map and transforming it into a multi-billion dollar empire.

Michael Jordan is arguably one of the greatest icons the sporting world has ever seen. The 6-foot-6 guard had one of the deepest offensive arsenals, an ungodly passion for winning, and the motivation to be the best at everything he did.

The Black Jesus was considered a basketball god by many analysts and enthusiasts from all over the world. Having one of the sickest highlight reels of all time, MJ is widely regarded as the GOAT. And with a resume as stacked as his, it is justified why people do so.

Over the span of Mike’s 15-year career, he was able to appear in 14 All-Star Games, make 11 All-NBA selections, 9 All-Defensive selections, win the ROY, 5 MVPs, 6 championships, and 6 Finals MVPs, among a whole bunch of other impressive achievements.

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Not only did His Airness play a huge role in turning the Chicago-based franchise into a dynasty, but Jordan was also one of the major contributors to turning Nike into the massive establishment it is today.

“Michael Jordan built Nike, turned it into an empire”: Master P

Back in 1984, during the era when a majority of athletes wore Adidas and Converse, Michael decided to sign a deal with Nike.

Over the years, Nike has turned into one of the most successful sporting companies, and major credits can be given to the former Bulls legend for the same.

Rapper Master P commended Jordan for his priceless contributions to Nike. However, the $200 million worth rapper believed that by helping the company earn over $5 billion per year, Jordan could’ve earned much more.

“If you look at Michael Jordan’s career. Even though he’s a billionaire now. But he had a million-dollar deal. To which I’m thinking what if he got a percentage of Nike back in those days,” Master P said.

“Because he built that company, turned it into an empire. We was wearing converse back in the day. We wasn’t wearing Nike, was wearing converse and Adidas. And if you look at it, Michael Jordan, he trademarked his name that turned him into a multi-billionaire. But imagine if he had shares in that company. Imagine if he had stock in that company. Imagine if they gave him a percentage for what he what he’s doing.”

Michael is worth more than $2.1 billion. This figure would’ve been even more astonishing had MJ owned a few shares in the $33 billion-worth company.

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