“No one like the Black Mamba!”: Jamal Crawford reiterates why Kobe Bryant is indisputably a top-5 NBA player of all time alongside Michael Jordan, among others

Amulya Shekhar
|Published April 14, 2022

Jamal Crawford, who’s always been one of the stoutest Kobe Bryant supporters in the NBA, explains why the Black Mamba is on the Mt Rushmore.

Kobe Bryant is a man whose work ethic and work rate have inspired millions – perhaps billions – of people worldwide. This guy was a source of constant joy with his excellence on NBA courts for 20 years.

And even after his untimely 2020 death in a helicopter crash, Kobe remains a much-revered figure. In fact, the adulation for him has only grown further, as have the legends surrounding his life.

Jamal Crawford, who was drafted by the Chicago Bulls in 2001, has long been an ardent Kobe Bryant admirer. In addition to having the most lethal crossover in league history, Crawford also belongs to the Kobe school of 1v1 dominance.

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That’s perhaps the major underlying reason why Crawford constantly talks up the legacy of the Black Mamba. The record holder for most 4-point plays in NBA history dug up yet another reason why Bryant belongs on the Mount Rushmore for basketball.

Jamal Crawford finds another explanation for why Kobe Bryant should be regarded in the all-time top 5

18 years ago on this day, Kobe Bryant silenced the Rose Garden and Blazers supporters twice over. This he managed by firstly netting a game-tying 3-pointer over some tough defense from Ruben Patterson.

The other incident – one that got the Blazers commentators stunned into complete silence – was another incredible 3-point shot to take the game as the clock expired and ran out.

As the Twitter handle Ballislife.com put it, the reactions to this sequence are still echoing to this day. And Jamal Crawford put in his own take on that incident, citing to his own personal top-5 players list for validation:

“They wonder why we say if he isn’t in the top 5 basketball players, those list don’t count. No one like the Mamba!”

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Honestly, if you think about it, few players have contributed more to basketball culture than the Black Mamba. Through his work ethic, skill level and dedication, even his ghost and his much-vaunted Mamba Mentality continue to power ordinary people past their daily struggles.

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