“Oh S**t My Bad, Pause”: 6ft 7″ Luka Doncic Fumbles While Praising 22-Year-Old Josh Green and Lets an Innuendo Slip

Adit Pujari
|Published January 22, 2023

Luka Doncic has become the undeniable leader for the Dallas Mavericks. He is by far their best player and very well on his way to becoming a legend for the franchise. However, the 6ft 7″ point guard is still without some proper support players. The Mavs youngsters, after all, have been highly disappointing this season.

But Luka Doncic has not yet given up on his teammates, especially the youngsters. In a recent interview, Doncic praised the 22-year-old shooting guard Josh Green, who returned to Mavericks’ lineup on January 18th after missing 20 games.

While talking about Green’s energy and output, Luka made the interview a lot more amusing than expected.

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Luka Doncic fumbles his praise for Josh Green

In the interview, while sitting with Reggie Bullock, the conversation shifted to Josh Green. Luka Doncic then mistakenly ended up letting an innuendo slip while describing Josh and his energy. But smartly corrected it by invoking the ‘pause’ clause.

Luka: “I mean it’s great you know he’s just out there. He comes with a lot of energy — oh s**t my bad, pause. With the energy he brings you know it’s just really good so he just really helps us a lot.”

The recent fad of using ‘pause’ to course correct after saying something that sounds suspiciously s*xual has also taken over the NBA. Players like Kevin Durant and James Harden have already been known to use them in an interview. Now, Luka Doncic joins the list of such players.

To be fair, Luka’s comments weren’t even suspicious until he added the pause. But once he did specify, the statement became a lot more amusing. And though it did take off the attention from Josh Green’s evaluation by the team leader, it was well worth it.

Luka’s ‘pause’ cracks up fans

Even Luka’s fans were impressed by the mid-interview correction from the Slovenian magician.

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Luka Doncic is quickly turning into a very likable personality. His game and skills speak for themselves, but even his off-court attitude and his demeanor are warm. Luka has that Stephen Curry vibe and hopefully has a long and fruitful career ahead like the Chef.

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