‘Only 20% NBA players registered to vote’- Chris Paul leads change amongst NBA players post boycott

Raahib Singh
|Published August 28, 2020

In the Players meeting a staggering figure came to the fore, as it was revealed that only 20% of NBA players were registered to vote. CP3 wants to change this.

Wednesday was a day of standing up for what you believe in, and the Bucks led the charge by refusing to take the floor against Magic. Later, the other teams followed suit and boycotted their respective games as well.

All this happened, as a reaction to the horrendous shooting of Jacob Blake. The NBA Players Association, led by Chris Paul, called a meeting of all the players present inside the Bubble later in the evening. The meeting had a lot of emotions involved. The discussions ranged from the feelings of the players to their further plan of action.

There were 5 main takeaways from the 3-hour long meeting:

  1. Not all Players are registered to vote
  2. Coaches shared their experiences and gave advice
  3. The financial impact of boycotting the season
  4. They need to make it count
  5. They need to be on the same page for it to work

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Only 20% of the players are registered voters

20%. That’s it!

This comes as a shock to all of us as the NBA family has always been one which fights against wrong and spreads awareness about any kind of injustice happening around the country.

However, it seems the NBA players put together still need to get their ‘basics done right’. Voting determines who governs you, what sort of policies are made and how the society functions in general. If the players want to change America, they’ll have to go out there and vote for the person they feel can help them do it.

Chris Paul, president of the Players Association conveyed the message strongly that every player needs to register before November.

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How does the players not being registered, affect others?

The people need to realize that the NBA players are role models and inspirational figures to a lot of young minds. The NBA audience ranges from young kids to people in their old ages. The power that an NBA player has, to send a message is immense, and this comes with responsibility just as big.

They need to set the correct example for young minds. If the kids’ role models don’t take something as important as democracy seriously, that would just encourage the kid to do the same.

Thus, it is very important now that NBA players as a union register themselves to vote and go out there in the polling booths to cast their votes for the future of African American people in the country.

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