“Pretty Easy, Rim is Still 10 Feet.”: Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson Describe Playing in Football Arena as Spurs Attempt NBA Record Attendance

Raahib Singh
|Published January 13, 2023

The Golden State Warriors lost three games in a row at home for the first time this season. Suffering consecutive losses to the Pistons, Magic, and Suns, the Warriors are now headed on a five-game road trip. This is a crucial five-game trip for Stephen Curry and co. Having the league’s worst road record, the Dubs would like to improve their 3-16 road record a bit.

Along with that, the Warriors are also headed to the White House on January 17th to meet President Biden. However, before the team heads to Washington, they face the Spurs in San Antonio and the Bulls in Chicago.

The Dubs game in San Antonio is going to be special. The Spurs are hosting the Dubs at the Alamodome. They are attempting to break the NBA’s regular season attendance record as they host the 2022 NBA Champions.

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Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson talk about playing in a football field

Adjusting to a new arena always takes a little time. There are quite a few factors that affect players, but it’s the shooters who get affected the most. Depth perception is the most significant factor to be accounted for.

As the Warriors gear up to play the Spurs at the Alamodome, Anthony Slater asked the Splash Brothers about shooting in a football arena.

Klay Thompson kept it simple and said it was east.

On the other hand, Stephen Curry said it didn’t take that long to calibrate. He then went on to explain how he also played in a dome 15 years ago.

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It would be interesting to see how both teams adapt to playing at the Alamodome. The team that gets accustomed first would have a better shot at winning the contest.

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What is the NBA regular season game attendance record?

So far in the history of the NBA, there have only been four regular season games having more than 50,000 people in attendance. The record for the attendance was a Bulls-Hawks game at the Georgia Dome in 1998, with 62,046 people in attendance.

As of yesterday, the Spurs had sold 63,592 tickets already. They claim that the Alamodome can seat 68,000 people and they expect it to be packed as Stephen Curry and co come to town.

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