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“Rudy Sucks Not Me”: Draymond Green Lashes Out At Wolves Fans Insulting Him While Interviewing Luka Doncic

Jay Mahesh Lokegaonkar

"Rudy Sucks Not Me": Draymond Green Lashes Out At Wolves Fans Insulting Him While Interviewing Luka Doncic

Draymond Green was having the time of his life after Luka Doncic hit the game-winner over the Golden State Warriors star’s rival Rudy Gobert and helped the Dallas Mavericks take a 2-0 lead in the Western Conference Finals. The Slovenian superstar joined the crew of Inside The NBA to discuss his heroics with the panel. While Doncic was talking about the game, Timberwolves fans chanted ‘Draymond sucks,’ which prompted the veteran to respond, ‘Rudy sucks, not me!.’

Green’s quick-witted response did not stop the Timberwolves fans, who continued the chant, much to Charles Barkley’s frustration. So, he fired a little jab of his own, saying, “Go home, we’ll see you next year.”

Upon hearing this, the supporters likely weren’t feeling much better than how Rudy Gobert felt in the ultimate possession of the game. With the clock winding down and the Mavericks trailing by two points, Derek Lively set a screen to get Jaden McDaniels off Doncic and leave Gobert in isolation against the guard.

The Slovenian superstar put the center on skates with two dribbles and a stepback before banking the game-winner. He then proceeded to yell, “You can’t f**king guard me,” at the Timberwolves center, going the whole nine yards to humiliate him.

The four-time Defensive Player of the Year was beaten too easily on that possession, much to Green’s delight, as he got the opportunity to continue berating the Frenchman, as he has all postseason long.

Draymond Green cannot stop trolling Rudy Gobert

Draymond Green has been making guest appearances on Inside the NBA for much of this postseason. And unfortunately for Gobert, he has been using it to berate the Wolves center at every twist and turn.

The Warriors forward was in the studio when Nikola Jokic scored 40 points and dished 13 assists in the Denver Nuggets’ Game 5 win over the Timberwolves in the second round. Building off this during the post-game show, Green called out the center for stating that the whole team needed to play better. The 34-year-old said,

“The big Frenchman is sitting on that podium, speaking his native language, ‘We, we, we need to do this.’ You you you [to Gobert] need to get a stop. It ain’t we. Karl-Anthony Towns is actually doing a pretty good job when he’s on Joker (Nikola Jokic). It’s you (Rudy Gobert), my man, that’s getting cooked. So it’s no we. Yes, you do need help from the other guys, but some of those plays. Help can’t help you. You just gotta get a stop.”

Green also called Gobert ‘unplayable,’ but the Timberwolves star did not respond verbally, letting his game do the talking instead.

He had terrific outings in Games 6 and 7 against the Nuggets and helped Minnesota eliminate the defending champions. However, the Warriors veteran wasn’t in the studio to witness the Frenchman’s excellent displays, almost as if he knew these performances were coming. And now again, he was present in the studio to witness Gobert’s lowlight in the final possession against Luka Doncic.

Green and Gobert’s longstanding beef, which even got physical, seems to have no end in sight. If the Golden State Warriors can become a competent team again, next season, this could perhaps pave the way for the biggest rivalry in the modern NBA.

Post Edited By:Tonoy Sengupta

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