“LeBron James and I were birthed by the same nurse, in the same room!”: Warriors’ Stephen Curry reveals the narrative around the Lakers’ star and him sharing the same birth-hospital keeps changing

Raahib Singh
|Published October 18, 2021

Warriors’ Stephen Curry talks about how the story about LeBron James and himself being born at the same Hospital keeps changing

Life is just a sequence of events that are strung one after the other. While some events you may have control of, more often than not, you cannot control the rest. Life is also full of coincidences, and the same applies to sports. The NBA has its crazy share of coincidences, and one of them happened right in Ohio.

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Akron, Ohio has one of the biggest flexes to its name. The city is the birthplace of two of the greatest basketball players the world has ever seen. LeBron James and Stephen Curry. What makes this even more interesting is that the two were born in the same hospital: Akron General Medical Center.

Stephen Curry talks about how people keep changing the narrative

When the story is about someone as big as Stephen Curry and LeBron James, people sometimes tend to get a little over the line. People are often surprised when they get to know that these two NBA megastars, who are often pitted as rivals, were born in the same hospital. They tend to use their creative liberty a little too much and add their bits to the story.

Talking about the same in Damion Lee‘s Instagram Live, Stephen Curry laughed about it. Lee asked Steph if the two were born in the same room. Steph mocked the narrative and added his tidbit by saying they even shared the same nurse.

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Steph thinks the two may have been born on the same floor, but the same room part is too much of a stretch.

Whatever the case may be, Akron General Medical Center may have become the favorite birth place of all the local basketball fans, after the rise of these two stars.

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