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“Shaquille O’Neal Owes Me $1000”: Comedian Ali Siddiq Demands Compensation For Winning A Bet Over 30 Years Ago

Advait Jajodia

"Shaquille O'Neal Owes Me $1000": Comedian Ali Siddiq Demands Compensation For Winning A Bet Over 30 Years Ago

Being a smart decision-maker with his finances has helped Shaquille O’Neal grow his net worth to more than $500 million. Despite being one of the wealthiest individuals in the American sports community, the Los Angeles Lakers legend hasn’t squared off one person he owes money to. Ali Siddiq, a popular comedian, revealed how Shaq still owes him $1,000 from a bet that was placed more than 30 years ago.

On the latest episode of Dan Soder’s podcast, Ali Siddiq revealed a hilarious anecdote involving Shaquille O’Neal. Back in 1993, Shaq released his first album – “Shaq Diesel”. The then-Orlando Magic player was so impressed by himself that he bet Siddiq $1,000. The terms of the bet were simple, some might even consider it unintelligent, – the comedian would like all songs on the album.

The writer proceeded to purchase the album. Unsurprisingly, he didn’t like all the songs and demanded the NBA star pay him $1,000 as promised. However, Ali would never see him at the same barbershop again.

“Shaquille O’Neal owes me $1,000. Robert Young’s barber shop, he’s coming in there… He comes down ‘Ali, I bet you gonna like all the songs on my album’. I said ‘I bet I’m not’. This is the first album… I say the Fu-Schnikens song was the Fu-Schnikens were good, you were not.

So, I buy the album… I bought it and I came back in a barbershop I say ‘Robert Young, tell Shaquille O’Neal that he owes me $1,000’. All of a sudden he’s never in the barbershop again,” Ali narrated.


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Ali Siddiq might not have enjoyed the music. However, the album was recognized by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) awarding it a platinum certification. Additionally, two singles ‘(I Know I Got) Skillz’ and ‘I’m Outstanding’ even made it on the Billboard Hot 100 list. Due to the success of his debut album, the music world was convinced that Shaq could have a serious chance of becoming a full-time rapper.

Shaquille O’Neal received a mouthwatering offer for 3 albums

Following the release of Shaq Diesel, the NBA superstar was invited to the famous Arsenio Hall Show. However, the Big Aristotle wanted to do something slightly unconventional during his appearance on the show. Hence, he got permission to perform with his favorite rap group – Fu-Schnikens.

The performance was loved nationwide. Jive Records was among the many to be left in awe of Shaq. As a result, they even offered him a lucrative $10 million deal for 3 albums.

“Let me do it with all my favorite rappers and they agreed and that’s how the album deal came. But again, if they would’ve said $500,000, I would’ve been like, ‘No.’ But they said $10 million, my boy,” Shaq said.

Shaquille O’Neal isn’t as actively rapping as he used to. However, the Hall of Famer is still associated with the music industry. Following rapping, O’Neal worked on his hobby of becoming a DJ. Today, the TNT analyst is invited to multiple high-profile events to play music.

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