Shaquille O’Neal, Who Dropped $35,000 In Atlanta, Was Adorably Rejected By A Boy Trying To Buy Him A Bike

Samir Mehdi
|Published 31/01/2023

Shaquille O’Neal has mastered the art of earning money and giving it back over the past 3 decades. He started off his journey into investments quite early, with his most popular one being his belief in Google. He would slowly make his way into putting his money towards other brands that he believed in because that’s what his philosophy has always been. 

Through a slew of investments and endorsements, Shaq has brought his reported net worth to $400 million. It’s unclear if this figure is accurate for 2023 but the fact that it’s even out there goes to show just how successful the Los Angeles Lakers legend has become. 

Of course, to balance out the immense amount of wealth that he’s achieved in his career and after it, O’Neal has become very familiar with giving back to anybody who needs money more than him.

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Shaquille O’Neal hilariously tried to buy a boy a bike 

Shaquille O’Neal once claimed that when he goes to supermarkets and department stores, he’s always on the lookout for mothers and their kids. This is because he’s constantly trying to buy them anything they need as more likely than not, they aren’t in a position to do so themselves. 

This is exactly what ‘The Big Aristotle’ tried to do on one occasion when he looked to buy a young boy a bike during Christmas time while at a departmental store. Unlike most kids who would jump at the opportunity to get themselves a new bicycle, this one in particular felt a bit shy and refused. 

In adorable fashion, Shaq played around him for a bit, took a picture with him, and wished the family a ‘Merry Christmas’ before going about his day.

Shaquille O’Neal donated $35,000 to a restaurant 

Shaquille O’Neal, in the spirit of giving back, once donated $35,000 to a restaurant in Atlanta. While in the city, he would also donate another $15,000 to a company known as ‘Meals on Wheels’ that looked to provide elderly folk with free meals. 

O’Neal’s charity towards the youth doesn’t just stop at him buying toys and electronics for children at Walmart and Target. He’s very active with the ‘Boys and Girls Club’ and even raised $3.1 million at one point to help benefit children.

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