“Don’t kno ball, but I kno how to brush my hair”: Shaquille O’Neal Responds to Kevin Durant’s Shot at Him For Not Knowing Rui Hachimura

Akash Murty
|Published January 29, 2023

Shaquille O’Neal always has a lot to say. Occasionally it makes sense, most of the time it doesn’t. Kevin Durant, for one, could not make the sense of it, at all.

Given that the Big Aristotle is a 15x All-Star, 3x Finals MVP, 4x NBA Champ, and a 2x scoring champ, none of it matters if he calls himself a Basketball analyst now and doesn’t know who Rui Hachimura is.

Maybe he said it just for the headlines, or perhaps he is unhappy with the players Lakers have been going for to get the “help” for LeBron James. Still, it doesn’t give him the right to sound off somebody like that.

This is why KD, who has been Shaq’s biggest criticizer since his Shaqtin-a-fool back and forth with JaVale McGee, called out the Diesel after his humiliation of the new Lakers forward.

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Shaquille O’Neal fires back at Kevin Durant

Who can shut Shaq up? Not a man with 2x Finals MVP, 2 Championships, and 13 All-Star appearances. O’Neal responded to KD’s take on him not knowing basketball with a ferocious attack on Saturday, leading with a call-out for … hairstyle.

The TNT main responded to a wrong Tweet but didn’t forget to bring up his Inside the NBA partner, Charles Barkley’s most critical goto line about Durantula not being the Bus Driver for a championship team.

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Durant not taking care of his appearance is a fair point, his dry skin is also discussed a lot, but it didn’t have anything to do with here. KD also responded to Shaq’s Tweet but didn’t look in the mood to carry forward the beef.

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It was a good exchange. Both men said what they had to say about each other and moved on.

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Durant – not the bus driver

A lot has been said on the subject already. Yes, Durant did join a 73-9 team to win his only two championships. But were the Warriors going to win those without him? Not two for sure.

And him being the Finals MVP in both the 2017 and 2018 NBA Finals made it clear that Durant was the best player in that Warriors team. Was he the bus driver? It’s debatable.

But this season, he will have the chance to make a statement to shut down everyone who has been criticizing him for not leading a team to a Championship. When Durant gets back on the court, we know it’ll be his priority. Let’s see where he takes the Nets with it.

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