Cover Image for Shaquille O’Neal won $100,000 off Charles Barkley but still has one of the most egregious golf swings

Shaquille O’Neal won $100,000 off Charles Barkley but still has one of the most egregious golf swings

Ashish Priyadarshi
|Mon Aug 15 2022

Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley were great basketball players, but when it comes to things outside the court, they may not be as great as they seem, specially golfing.

Shaquille O’Neal is a Lakers legend, and now he’s one of the most recognizable faces on TV with Inside the NBA. He’s also a great businessman and a massive spender.

There have been countless stories of how Shaquille O’Neal has spent egregious amounts of money at once. He holds the record for the largest purchase in Walmart history amongst other things.

Charles Barkley has been a member of the famous NBA talk show since 2000. Back then, Barkley only appeared in the show alongside Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson, but once The Big Diesel joined the set in 2011, the show reached new heights.

We’ve had everything from Gone Fishin, to Chuck’s guarantees, and of course, Shaqtin’ a Fool to keep us smiling and happy through the NBA season. These four have created something special with Inside the NBA. It’s probably the best talk show across American sports.

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Shaquille O’Neal won $100,000 off Charles Barkley but they both have terrible golf swings

Shaq and Chuck are big golfers. When they’re not on the set of Inside the NBA, you can often find them out on the course. Barkley especially loves to golf. He’s competed in tournaments like the ACC before, and he likes to stay involved in the golfing community.

In 2015, Shaq tried his hand at the pro-am tournament at the Greenbrier Classic. However, things didn’t go too well, and he ended up whiffing on quite a few shots.

However, despite his misses, Shaq didn’t miss a chance to take a shot at Charles Barkley, reminding people that while he might be bad, he still won $100,000 off Chuck.

Charles Barkley’s golf swing isn’t much better than Shaq’s, so the Lakers legend hasn’t set the bar quite high for himself. However, for him, that doesn’t matter. As long as he’s above Chuck, he’ll be happy.

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