Cover Image for Shaquille O’Neal’s mother Lucille O’Neal surprised him for his 46th birthday, made him drop the cake!

Shaquille O’Neal’s mother Lucille O’Neal surprised him for his 46th birthday, made him drop the cake!

Raahib Singh
|Mon Aug 15 2022

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal used to terrorize the league, but the big man was still afraid of one person: his mom

The NBA is a league full of talented individuals who faced many opponents to reach the highest stage. Despite the same, some players surprise everyone with their skillset. Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, and more fall in this category.

Standing tall at 7’1″, Shaq terrorized the entire league with his dominance. The big man was a menace on the offensive side of the floor, and he backed the same with solid defense. Teams tried to devise many strategies to slow down the big man, but nothing seemed to work.

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His dominance continued when he joined TNT as a studio analyst. The Diesel would keep being his unabashed self, and saying whatever came on his mind. However, there is one person even the Big Diesel is afraid of. Things took an interesting turn as she surprised him on the TNT set for his 46th birthday.

Shaquille O’Neal dropped his cake when he saw his mom

For his 46th Birthday, the TNT crew had planned quite a few surprises for Shaquille O’Neal. First, they brought him a beautiful multi-tier cake.

Shaq was just checking out his cake and was about to take his first bite, when they brought in his next surprise: his mother!

Despite turning 46, it was incredibly cute to see how the big man was still afraid of his mommy. As she hugged the big, she asked him to mind his tongue while she was on set.

Mama O’Neal took a seat with the rest of the crew, and then they talked about Shaq and shared stories of him. Things took an emotional turn when Lucille shared the struggles she had taking care of Shaq while he was growing up.

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Shaq never forgot his mama’s struggles and made sure she was the first one he took care of when he got money.

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