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“Shoulders are wide enough to carry the load’: LeBron James on carrying the Lakers to the NBA Finals

Raahib Singh
|Sun Sep 27 2020

Lakers’ superstar LeBron James has led the team to their first-ever NBA Finals since Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol did it in 2010.

After Game 4, we talked about LeBron’s leadership when he took the defensive charge of Jamal Murray in crunch time.

That was a game-changer that led to the Lakers beating the Nuggets 114-108 in Game 4. Well, tonight LeBron showed his leadership on all ends of the floor.

The Lakers had a chance to seal the series tonight and LeBron James made sure they capitalized on it. LeBron James finished with 38 points, 16 rebounds, and 10 assists to record his 4th triple-double this post-season.

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He led the team with 16 points at the half and made sure it was all ‘LakeShow’.

“My mind is stronger,” says LeBron James as he goes to his 10th NBA Finals

LeBron James talks about his mental strength and conditioning and how he is managing to play this well, even in a Bubble that seems to have affected a lot of players. He says that his body is strong, but his mind is stronger.

In his statement post the win LeBron James conceded that he had been asked by his players to carry them to the NBA finals and that his shoulders were wide enough to deliver the result

Mental conditioning would come into account as the NBA Finals are set to start soon. The biggest stage any basketball player ever dreams of. The chance to win it all. With all that at stake, no wonder players get affected.

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LeBron hailed as the greatest ever after Game 5

As LeBron joins elite company by becoming one of the four players to ever make 10 or more NBA Finals, he is being hailed as the greatest of our time.

His teammate, Danny Green post the match called LeBron “the greatest player in the goddamn world”.

With the NBA Finals starting from 30th September, or 2nd October(if the Heat-Celtics go to Game 7), LeBron James and co. have some time to rest and get ready for the NBA Finals.

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