“Stephen Curry changed the game, his 3-point record ain’t never going to be broken”: Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, and the cast of Inside the NBA discuss the evolution of the 3-point shot

Arjun Julka
|Published December 15, 2021

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal congratulates Stephen Curry on becoming the all-time leader in 3-pointers made. Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley dissect the evolution of shooting from beyond the arc.

Stephen Curry created history tonight at the basketball mecca. The former unanimous MVP surpassed Ray Allen as the all-time leader in 3-point shooting. Curry touched the iconic figure of 2974 shots made from beyond the arc with veterans Ray Allen and Reggie Miller in attendance.

Warriors victory tonight made them the undisputed top seed in the NBA. It was an emotional moment for Steph Curry, who had waited a long time for this moment to arrive. Social media has been bombarded, with congratulatory messages pouring in for the Warriors MVP from all walks of life.

Tuesday night’s edition of Inside the NBA had the cast discuss the impact Curry has had on the game of basketball. Shaquille O’Neal emphasized how Curry changed the game of basketball. Big Diesel spoke about how the game had changed since his time in the league.

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The panel at the table discussed the significant increase at which teams now shot the 3-pointer courtesy of Steph Curry. Charles Barkley addresses his issue with the 3-point shooters of today.

The cast of Inside the NBA discusses how Stephen Curry has made the NBA a 3-point league.

The three-time champion has been a revolutionary player changing the landscape of basketball. Lakers legend O’Neal wants to see Curry’s record when he completes 1300 games as he believes the Warriors superstar has 4-5 years of his prime left, something co-panelist Barkley echoed as well.

During the discussion, Kenny Smith stated that the record could be broken considering the volume at which the players shot the 3-pointers in today’s age. However, there was no debate about anyone eclipsing Curry as the greatest shooter to grace the NBA hardwood.

Barkley stated that he had a problem with players attempting 3-pointers, despite being unable to convert them.

“I want Steph, Klay, James, Kevin, I want all the great shooters, but the problem we got in the NBA, we got bu*s taking 3s. Everybody can’t be a great 3-point shooter.”

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Curry’s way of playing the game is something that every player cannot imbibe. The Warriors superstar is a once-in-a-lifetime player. Thus players and aspirants trying to model their game around him often fail.

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The NBA has never witnessed anything like Steph Curry, who continues to impress us with his ability to pull up from the parking lot.

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