“There was never a debate between Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan!”: NBA Twitter brings back the time the Black Mamba absolutely embarrassed the Spurs legend during the Conference Finals

Tonoy Sengupta
|Published 09/10/2021

NBA Twitter remembers when Kobe Bryant dominated Tim Duncan during the Western Conference Finals in 2008


If you’ve watched Kobe Bryant go Mamba mode when it mattered most was a privilege Lakers fans got season after season.

In many ways, even apart from his playstyle, the man was a lot like Michael Jordan. Even if you wanted to compete with him, you NEVER pissed him off. Doing that was essentially throwing away any already little chance at victory you ever had.

Now, Tim Duncan was never the type to actively piss off his opponent during his playing days. However, even he knows firsthand exactly how frightening the Black Mamba was once he got into it.

Right now, there are many in the NBA community, usually younger fans, that believe that there is a debate to be had between Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant. And well, let’s just say NBA Twitter brought back a few highlights and memories, to prove anyone that ever thought this, oh so horribly wrong.

Let’s get into it.

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When Kobe Bryant targeted and torched Tim Duncan to send the Lakers to the NBA Finals

For some reason, there has been a recent trend of younger fans really believing Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan were at the exact same level as players. In fact, there have even been some that think the Spurs man was better.

Now, don’t get us wrong. Tim Duncan is undoubtedly the greatest power forward of all time, and one of the greatest to ever do it. However, he was far from being on the same level as Kobe Bryant. And it seems a fan had to remind the whole NBA community of this very fact on Twitter.

Take a look.

Again, we love us some Tim Duncan. Man dominated countless players during his playing days, no matter who they were. It’s just that, Kobe Bryant was never quite one of them.

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