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“Thibs Brings Culture”: Carmelo Anthony Defends Knicks HC Whilst Discussing Lakers’ Head Coach Search

Shubham Singh

“Thibs Brings Culture”: Carmelo Anthony Defends Knicks HC Whilst Discussing Lakers Head Coach Search

Playing under New York Knicks Head Coach Tom Thibodeau is not everyone’s cup of tea. While Derrick Rose had a tough time with his specialized training camps back in the day, athletes like Josh Hart and Jalen Brunson have reaped huge rewards this season under Thibodeau’s tutelage. Coach Thibs brings a unique set of values to a team that can be both demanding and rewarding for an athlete. On that note, Carmelo Anthony lauded Thibodeau for injecting the Knicks franchise with a terrific work environment during his stint as head coach.

He also gave him props for thriving in a high-pressure situation and making something of a failing Knicks franchise.

On his 7 PM in Brooklyn podcast, Melo was recently joined by Monica McNutt and the two of them talked about the challenges of coaching the Los Angeles Lakers. Anthony confessed that he was unable to wrap his head around the Lakers’ coaching scenario, along with the head-spinning coaching situations in Milwaukee and Cleveland.

Then the discussion segued towards Tom Thibodeau and how he has held the fort in New York amidst the chaotic environment that prevailed within the Knicks organization. McNutt opined that the 66-year-old is unfairly criticized for playing his starters heavy minutes. She argued that he wants to get the best out of his roster and whenever someone underperforms, he doesn’t hesitate to cut their minutes

She also appreciated him for lifting the Knicks to the second spot in the Eastern Conference despite losing key players like Julius Randle. Melo co-signed her comments and acknowledged that like the Lakers job, the Knicks coaching job is also an unforgiving territory.

But courtesy of his work culture, coach Thibs has stood firm in the face of immense pressure. Melo said,

Thibs bring culture. He brings culture. Not everybody can take on the New York Knicks head coaching job. That’s a hot seat too. It’s not as hot as LA but it’s a hot seat. So you had to bring somebody in who was going to establish a culture and buy into his culture.” 

These positive narratives about the Knicks HC have developed after his remarkable effort during the 2023-24 season. He made his squad a two-way machine and brought in tremendous energy to the core group. He expects even bigger things from them the next season.

Tom Thibodeau is shooting for the stars

Thibodeau recently went to the Roommates Show which is co-hosted by his Knicks players Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart. There he discussed what he expects from them during the 2024-25 season. He lauded the team for being top-ten in the league in both the defensive and offensive categories but urged them to get to top-five in rankings in both categories during the next season.

Thibodeau said, 

I think we are capable of being top-five in both and that’s what I want us striving towards. I think the big thing is do you get your team to play as a team, that’s the biggest challenge.”

The Knicks story isn’t a unique one for the steely coach. He had done a remarkable job during his tenure with the Chicago Bulls and the Minnesota Timberwolves as well. While his squads have been always far from a title, he has injected a lot of spark among Knicks fans who had been down in the dumps for many years. 

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