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“Trinity Rodman, Go Kick Some A**”: Shaquille O’Neal Discards Dennis Rodman’s Past Disrespect to Hype Up $1,100,000 Star Before World Cup

Jeet Pukhrambam

"Trinity Rodman, Go Kick Some A**”: Shaquille O'Neal Discards Dennis Rodman's Past Disrespect to Hype Up $1,100,000 Star Before World Cup

Shaquille O’Neal supporting an athlete is a big deal. He is one of America’s biggest sporting icons and his support means the world. Trinity Rodman might be on cloud 9 right now. She just uploaded a video of Shaq supporting her for the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup. O’Neal looks like he is in the corner of the $1,100,000 star despite her dad Dennis Rodman disrespecting him.

All beef might be set aside, or well, in this case, Shaq might not even remember it. The Women’s World Cup is the biggest spectacle this summer. All the world’s eyes will be on the USA team because they are about to make history. They can win their 5th title and tie Brazil for most of all time. Aside from that, even sportspersons from different backgrounds like Shaquille O’Neal will be flying the star-spangled banner.

Shaquille O’Neal endorses support for Trinity Rodman, she later shares it on her Instagram

Trinity took to Instagram to post about Shaq endorsing his support for her. Trinity reposted USWNT’s Instagram story where important personnel including President Biden introduce the players. For Trinity, it is Shaquille O’Neal. And he does a fantastic job, “Welcome to your first world cup, go kick some a** and bring back that victory. Go USA, and congratulations Trinity.”, he said.

Trinity looks like she was loving it. She said, “Thanks Shaq, ur awesome”. She looks ready to lift the USA team and her presence will be key. Trinity is one of the youngest players in the NWSL and earns a whopping $1,100,000. She is the highest-paid player in the league.

A rising star, it looks as though that is enough for Shaq to forget about her dad Dennis Rodman’s meandrous comments.

Dennis Rodman once insulted Shaq and claimed that he was jealous!

Yes, true story! Dennis Rodman once claimed that Shaq was jealous of him because of the fact that he was more famous. Well, the right word should have been notorious.

This was during Rodman’s stint with the Lakers. And it feels as though now all of that is forgiven because Shaq has just endorsed his daughter Trinity as she laces up for USWNT.

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