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UConn Star Paige Bueckers Hits the Griddy During Graduation Ceremony

Prateek Singh

UConn Star Paige Bueckers Hits the Griddy During Graduation Ceremony

Paige Bueckers hit the ultimate winning celebration to commemorate her graduation. The UConn star broke out the Griddy while she was on her way to collect her degree. Griddy, as explained by its inventor Allen Davi is more than just a dance move as he believes it represents the winners and their mentality. So, it’s only fair that Bueckers marked her graduation ceremony with a Griddy and the fans are loving it.

Standing in line with her graduation hat and robe on, the 22-year-old waited for her name to be called upon the stage. As soon as her name was announced, the crowd erupted in a huge noise to celebrate the UConn star. In return, she didn’t disappoint her cheerleaders either and hit the Griddy while she was on her way to collect the certificate. The clip of Bueckers was posted on X by Overtime with the caption, “Paige Bueckers hitting the griddy while graduating .”

It’s like the internet that whatever gets posted online would receive mixed responses. For a change, Bueckers’ on-stage Griddy garnered a majority of positive responses. One fan said, “Graduation level: 100, griddy level: 1000, respect for multitasking skills: through the roof.”

Another fan said that they’re in love with her.

Love and honest feedback can go together based on a fan’s response to Bueckers’ Griddy.

Whether the UConn star is aware of it or not, there are fans who believe she is their twin.

The last few weeks have been emotional for Bueckers in a good way. Two weeks ago, during the WNBA Draft, the 22-year-old had her true emotions on display for her friend.

Paige Bueckers’ wholesome moment at the WNBA Draft

This year’s WNBA Draft was special for so many athletes for so many reasons. Not to say that the other drafts weren’t as important, but women’s basketball has been in its golden phase over the last few months. The hype around the event was built up by the likes of Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese but every other athlete that appeared for it had a reason to celebrate.

Two of the big draftees of the night were Bueckers’ UConn teammates Aaliyah Edwards and Nika Muhl. Edwards was selected 6th overall by the Washington Mystics, while Muhl went 14th overall to the Seattle Storm. Bueckers, whose love for her teammates is as genuine as ever, stood and recorded both their draft announcements in a manner that caught fans’ attention, and was likened to a “proud momma”.

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