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Victor Wembanyama’s Excited Response About Dark Matter Gets Spurs Twitter Fired Up

Sourav Bose

Victor Wembanyama’s Excited Response About Dark Matter Gets Spurs Twitter Fired Up

Since joining the San Antonio Spurs last year, Victor Wembanyama has established his status as a leading figure in the NBA. Interestingly enough though, the Frenchman possesses expertise in various fields other than just basketball. This is something the world recently witnessed a glimpse of, as the 20-year-old enthusiastically explained the concept of dark matter.

The situation circled Wemby’s latest appearance at the Scobee Education Center & Planetarium to collect his 2024 Rookie of The Year award. In the process, he spent time interacting with the students within the organization, discussing topics related to their fields.

This became a key area of interest during the press conference. Upon inquisition, Wemby revealed that he discussed theories related to dark matter with university students. Talking to the youngster, The San Antonio Express News’ Jeff McDonald encouraged him to elaborate on the concepts, paving the way for a very amusing moment.

Expressing his excitement on the subject, Wemby mentioned, “I like these kinda questions cause those are different”. Following this, the 7ft 4″ center explained the theoretical concept in a simplified manner, showcasing his understanding of the field.

Later on, ClutchPoints’ Hector Ledesma uploaded a clip of the exchange on X (formerly Twitter).

This unprecedented exchange received a bag of mixed responses from NBA supporters. One of them outlined Wemby as a worthy torchbearer of the Spurs’ culture, stating, “Manu was a math nerd, Timmy was a gamer, and the kid is an amateur astrophysicist. Pretty cool, not your typical pro athletes”.

Another seemed excited because of the display of authority from the youngster in all fields of his life. The fan declared, “This is excellent. This kid is living up to the hype on and off the court”.

One supporter took matters to a bit of a hilarious extreme, stating, “Now I know for sure he is an alien”.

Another used Wemby’s explanation of the dark matter to mock Kyrie Irving, someone who once said he was a believer in the ‘Flat Earth Theory’. The supporter jokingly mentioned, “We go now to Kyrie Irving’s rebuttal”.

All in all, this unexpected interaction brought out an unknown aspect of Wemby’s character. Undoubtedly, the fans were all up for exploring these undiscussed sides of his personality. However, this moment should not come across as much of a surprise to seasoned NBA fans, considering the Frenchman’s past declaration of his hobbies.

The lesser-known sides of Victor Wembanyama

Mandatory Credit: Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

In December last year, Wemby outlined his affection for reading books. During an interview with the San Antonio Express Newsthe youngster mentioned, “I actually wondered how many books I have read…I think I read even more than before, with all the traveling”. Following this, he also revealed his inclination toward reading fantasy books, with Brandon Sanderson being his favorite author.

So, the NBA rookie certainly has a clear understanding of several academic fields. Yet, he often refuses to open up about them in public, prioritizing his professionalism.

This display of maturity along with his interest in various fields is bound to entertain fans of the San Antonio Spurs. As for the NBA community at large, there will now likely be requests for players of other franchises to come out and talk about their lesser-known hobbies.

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