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Wanting To Switch Chris Paul’s $30 Million With Jonathan Isaac’s $17 Million, Celtics Legend Claims To Like The Hypothetical Trade

Sourav Bose

Wanting To Switch Chris Paul's $30 Million With Jonathan Isaac's $17 Million, Celtics Legend Claims To Like The Hypothetical Trade

With the NBA trade deadline day knocking on the door, the hypothetical scenarios take precedence. Boston Celtics legend, Brian Scalabrine recently proposed one such situation following a rumor surrounding the Orlando Magic’s interest in recruiting either Chris Paul or Kyle Lowry. He demanded the Golden State Warriors switch CP3’s $30 million contract with the $17 million of Magic’s Jonathan Isaac.

In the latest episode of SiriusXM NBA Radio, Scalabrine raised the trade scenario citing the impact of the 26-year-old. The 45-year-old openly backed the Bay Area franchise to secure the services of the power forward, stating, “Let’s say Chris Paul to Orlando, right? Would you be interested in Jonathan Isaac if you were the Warriors?”.

“Jonathan Isaac has had some injuries but when he plays, I see him all the time guarding Jayson Tatum and he is a beast. So, I think I would take him, and somehow if I can get rid of [Andrew] Wiggins, I would do that if I was them,” the 2008 champion added. He further emphasized, “I think Jonathan Isaac would fit in with the Warriors if he could stay healthy”.

On paper, the statements carried an ample amount of volume as Isaac has established his status as a defensive enforcer. His coverage of the floor remains exemplary while his low-volume shot attempts result in a field goal percentage of 46.7%. On top of it, the trade would significantly reduce the Warriors’ wage bill and simultaneously provide them with a trade asset for the long term.

Amidst the upsides of the trade, it remains quite unlikely to occur anytime soon in the future. Despite the injury struggles, the Magic organization immensely values the services of the 6ft 10″ star. Alongside this, the alleged interest from the franchise to recruit a veteran guard has also cooled down in recent days decreasing the possibility even further.

What does the future hold for Chris Paul and Kyle Lowry?

Wanting To Switch Chris Paul's $30 Million With Jonathan Isaac's $17 Million, Celtics Legend Claims To Like The Hypothetical Trade
Credits: IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

Lowry has recently been traded to the Charlotte Hornets after spending about three years in Miami. The 37-year-old is yet to feature for his new employers despite being fully fit. Reportedly, the franchise only values the 2019 NBA champion as a trade piece until the deadline. That’s why, despite registering 8.2 points per game and 4 assists per game, the Philadelphia-born is yet to play for his newest organization.

As for Paul, the situation remains far worse team continues to fail to manage the expectations. The Warriors wanted the Point God to lead the second unit, but the experiment yielded a series of underperformance. Averaging 8.9 points per game and 7.2 assists per game, the 38-year-old failed to justify his salary. The scenario further deteriorated following the surgery on his left hand, resulting in a month-long absence.

Thus, the future of both facilitators remains under question marks at the twilight of their careers. Despite showcasing their pedigree time and again, the NBA franchises are currently expressing doubts before recruiting them. The sad reality of the competitive league yet again comes to the forefront as the trade market heats up.

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