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Warning Caitlin Clark About the Target on Her Back, Paul Pierce Counsels Indiana Fever Star on How to Thrive in WNBA

Trikansh Kher

Warning Caitlin Clark About the Target on Her Back, Paul Pierce Counsels Indiana Fevers Star on How to Thrive in WNBA

Caitlin Clark going to the Indiana Fever is possibly the worst-kept secret in sports history, as there was no doubt who the Fever were going to take during the recent edition of the WNBA draft. But while the media sang songs of glory for Clark, there have also been whispers of caution, and in some cases ‘hate’ towards the former Iowa star. 

The media has been rather silent about the cold shoulder treatment that Clark has been receiving from certain members of the WNBA community, and Paul Pierce seems to be sick of it, as the Truth took to the set of ‘Undisputed’ to talk about this very matter. Talking about the situation Pierce said,

“I wish some of the older players and retired, and current players embraced this because look what she has done for the women’s game. She has uplifted it…They gotta embrace this somehow.” 


While the Boston Celtics legend had a stern message for the members of the WNBA community, he does understand better than anyone that rookie hazing is just part of the League’s culture, and everyone is bound to have their welcome to the league moment. Thus, looking at Clark’s situation practically, ‘The Truth’ left Clark some words of advice as well,

“What she gotta be prepared for is, and be ready night in and night out is she is going to be playing against someone just as good as her, and she is going to have a target on her back, you heard what Diana Taurasi said”

Clark will more than likely have a target on her back as soon as she enters the league. While she has been fantastic at the collegiate level, the body of work required in the professional leagues is just on another level. Leaving aside tactics and coverages, just the defense being played in the WNBA is a few notches above the NCAA, and Clark will have to take time to adapt her game to the requirements of the next level.

However, as Paul Pierce rightly put it, the league has to actively embrace the 22-year-old as well. After all, it is undeniable that her talent and marketability have all the potential in the world to take not only women’s basketball but also female sports as a whole to new heights. And this process will have to begin with her new team, the Indiana Fever.

The Fever can use Caitlin Clark’s help


The Indiana Fever had a horrible outing last season, winning only 13 of their 40 total contests, per ESPN. While adding Clark to the line-up will definitely help the Fever improve their outside shooting and passing, the Indiana-based franchise will have a lot of decisions to make around their guard play this season. 

Including Clark, the Fever now have 7 guards vying for a starting spot in the squad. While the Iowa phenom is likely to make a start during her rookie season, it will be interesting to see who the Fever pair alongside the now-rookie to fill the team’s backcourt.

Aliyah Boston will definitely make a good running mate for Clark, as the two can play a good pick-and-roll game with Boston playing at the 4 instead of the 5. However, this is something the rest of the team also needs to get on board with before the franchise can finally begin to make any real impact during this upcoming season.

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