WATCH: Charles Barkley embarrassed himself while Shaquille O’Neal passes with flying colors

Jeet Pukhrambam
|Published 16/09/2022

Inside the NBA crew was having too much fun when Charles Barkley guessed China or Japan, whereas Shaquille O’Neal could ‘write’ in Chinese!

Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal could have been a comedy duo in another life, we mean it. To be fair, they are quite the hilarious one-two punch. And they are probably the best duo that you will ever see in a studio in your life. 

Their comedic talents and their love masked by disdain towards one another often reflect well in the show. There is a reason Inside the NBA is among the most popular sports segments in America and the world.

So, what happens when you pit the two in a guessing game? Well, one crushes the other through the sheer capacity of his intellect and that one is Shaquille O’Neal! 

Yes, Shaquille O’Neal, managed to beat Charles Barkley in a game outside the court! No surprises there. But it was one where he had to guess a player’s team. We think something fishy was going on in the studio. 

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While Charles Barkley was flustered, Shaquille O’Neal showed us he was all-knowing  

Yes, okay, we knew something was up in that video. The Inside crew wanted to toy with Barkley and who better to use than Shaq! 

In the game, the two go for multiple rounds where you have to guess where the player is playing. The tough part here is that Charles, as we all know by now, cannot remember players’ names. 

So, he is asked to guess the teams and his answers vary from franchises to countries. Yes, when asked about Aaron Brooks. Charles can only muster up the answer “China or Japan” but the crew need precision, and Shaq is disappointed his co-host does not know the answer. 

The Lakers legend nods his head in disappointment and reveals that he does, indeed, know where Aaron Brooks plays, and he has written it in perfect Chinese! 

No, no, its the Guangdong (Southern) Tigers!” The crew go into a fit of laughter as O’Neal continues screaming “Ni Hao!”.  And its obvious that Barkley got pranked but his face was worth it and to top it all off it was captured on live TV. 

You can watch the video here:

There are other hilarious moments in the entire video, which also includes a gag reel between Ernie Johnson and Shaq, where the former reveals that he was “beaten up” by the Lakers legend. The most hilarious show on NBA and we don’t think the gags should stop anytime soon!

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