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“Were You Thinking of Dinner Plans With Your Wife?”: Kings’ Mike Brown ‘Crashed’ Domantas Sabonis’ Press Conference With His Wife Shashana Rosen

Abhishek Dhariwal

“Were You Thinking of Dinner Plans With Your Wife?”: Kings’ Mike Brown ‘Crashed’ Domantas Sabonis’ Press Conference With His Wife Shashana Rosen

The Sacramento Kings stopped by in San Francisco to hand the Golden State Warriors a soul-crushing loss. The 134-133 win was a close one as the Kings were able to hold off the Warriors, securing the victory. After the game, Kings’ center Domantas Sabonis sat down with the media for a post-game press conference, only for it to be crashed by his head coach, Mike Brown.

Domantas Sabonis had a great outing against the Golden State Warriors. And head coach Mike Brown decided to show his appreciation in a rather hilarious way, crashing Sabonis’ press conference with his wife, Shashana Rosen.

As soon as Mike Brown sat down with Sabonis’ wife, he asked his center, “Were you thinking of dinner plans with your wife tonight at any part during the game?” An amused Sabonis stated, “Definitely not.”


The whole ordeal between Mike Brown and Domantas Sabonis was quite wholesome. This is Brown’s second year as the head coach of the Sacramento Kings and he has done wonders with the team on the floor. The Kings were the third-best team in the Western Conference last year. In fact, it was under Mike Brown’s coaching that the Kings were able to snap a 16-year playoff drought when they made it to the postseason last year.


But apart from Brown’s achievements on the court, his interaction with Sabonis just goes to show the level of comfort players share with him. Something that does not get enough credit in the league, given how quickly coaches get fired from their jobs. And it seems like Mike Brown has been doing a good job in that segment so far.

With the way Sabonis answered Brown’s questions, anyone could tell the level of comfort along with the level of respect he had for his head coach.

Domantas Sabonis gets interviewed by his head coach

The interaction between Mike Brown and Domantas Sabonis wasn’t limited to his ‘dinner plans.’ The two also went on to talk about veteran center JaVale McGee and his playing time on the floor tonight.

Brown sarcastically called himself out for not giving McGee any minutes on the floor. Domantas Sabonis spoke highly of his veteran teammate, stating that he was a professional who was always ready for his number to be called upon.

As for Sabonis, he played a total of 35 minutes, scoring 18 points, nabbing 8 rebounds, 1 block, and diming 13 assists for the game. He also shot a perfect 100% from beyond the arc, going 2-2 from three and finishing the game with a 72.7 field goal percentage.

The Sacramento Kings recently lost four games in a row before trying to go on a winning streak. Currently on their second straight game won, the Kings have to give it up for Domantas Sabonis and his contributions on the floor.

Sabonis may not lead the team in scoring but he sure is a vital part of it. The 6’11 center comes alive whenever the team needs crucial points and the usual options on offense are not having a great night.

Sabonis is the type of player whose offense is always there but it does not overshadow his teammates and looks more to create opportunities for his teammates as he did tonight. Let’s see if the Kings can improve their season record to what it was last year or better than that.

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