When Dennis Rodman teared up after his friend North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un met with former US President Donald Trump

Nithin Joseph
|Published October 16, 2022

Dennis Rodman has been friends with Kim Jong-Un for quite some time. As such, it was an emotional day for him when Kim and Donald Trump met.

Throughout the years, there have been many NBA players whose actions both on and off the court have been questionable. In recent memory, the likes of Kyrie Irving, Draymond Green, and Miles Bridges come to mind.

However, one of the most iconic problem child of the NBA is Dennis Rodman. The Worm is a notorious man, remembered for a number of wrong seasons, especially his relationship with North Korea and Kim Jong-Un.

Despite the backlash, Rodman maintained his friendship with the North Korean dictator. So it was quite a big deal for the Hall of Famer when the United States sat down for discussions with Jong-Un.

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Dennis Rodman couldn’t hold back his tears when Donald Trump sat down with Kim Jong-Un for official discussions

In 2018, the world witnessed a historic event, as the United States of America, and the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea sat down for official diplomatic discussions. However, while this was a huge day for many people, it was far more important to Dennis Rodman.

In an interview with CNN, Rodman became emotional and even teared up following the news. The 6’7″ four-time NBA Champion recalled how he feared for his life during all the years he visited North Korea prior to the meetings, and exclaimed how happy he was that this was happening.

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Additionally, Rodman spoke about his previous visits to the East Asian country, and how he tried to get an audience with former President Barack Obama, who brushed him off.

Regardless, it was truly a “great day for everybody,” Rodman included. Even to this day, he continues to hold Kim Jong-Un as a “friend for life”.

Dennis Rodman was the catalyst for the release of American missionary Kenneth Bae

Kenneth Bae was an American missionary who had been imprisoned in North Korea in 2014. However, although not confirmed, Bae claims that Rodman played a pivotal role in his release.

Rodman, who had previously defended the imprisonment of Kenneth Bae by North Korea, apologized for his rant, and even wrote a letter begging for Bae’s release. A week later and the missionary was back home on American soil.

A true sign of just how important Rodman had been in ensuring steps toward diplomatic relations with North Korea.

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