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Who Is Allison Feaster? Is She The Celtics Female Staffer Ime Udoka Cheated On Nia Long With?

Raahib Singh
|Fri Sep 23 2022

Boston Celtics’ Vice-President of Player Development and Organizational Growth Allison Feaster gets dragged amidst Ime Udoka’s suspension 

The last 48 hours have been quite turbulent for the Boston Celtics. Initially, there were reports that Head Coach Ime Udoka would be suspended after a consensual relationship with a female staffer, which was deemed inappropriate by the team’s code of conduct. This put people in a frenzy, and they started looking up who this female staffer could be.

One of the names everyone wondered about was Celtics’ VP of Player Development and Organizational Growth, Allison Feaster. Feaster has been a part of the Celtics since January 2020. As a VP of player development, it is essential she worked closely with the head coach.

Before Allison took her current job, she was a WNBA player, and also played in the European leagues. Her resume is quite impressive, and hence explains her current job.

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Did Ime Udoka cheat on Nia Long with Allison Feaster?

The million-dollar question, for which you’ve opened this article is whether Ime and Allison Feaster were together or not. Well, senior ESPN NBA Writer, Marc J. Spears took to Twitter and cleared Feaster’s name.

As clarified by Marc Spears, Feaster did not indulge in any act of adultery. Allison is married to her high school sweetheart Danny Strong, and have a daughter together.

With Ime Udoka out for a year, and further decisions pending, many still ponder who this mysterious Celtics female staffer is, and what happened. As Richard Jefferson pointed out, a year’s suspension for a consensual relationship does not make sense, and it seems like there is more to the story.

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