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‘William Rondo should shut his mouth’: Russell Westbrook slams Rajon Rondo’s brother after Game 5 on-court fight

Amulya Shekhar

Russell Westbrook angry William Rondo

Russell Westbrook came into the post-game presser still smarting from his bad play. His irritation clearly showed in how he handled the interview and the answers he gave.

The Houston Rockets were dumped out of the playoffs in unceremonious fashion today. Trailing right from the get go, they lost the game right in the first quarter, scoring only 20 points to the Lakers’ 35.

They reduced the deficit for a bit in the second quarter, but it became larger than ever in the 3rd period. The game ended in a beatdown.

Westbrook explains why he thinks William Rondo’s expulsion from the arena was justified

Westbrook and William Rondo exchanged some words midway through the 4th quarter of the Lakers’ blowout win. As LeBron James was taking free throws to take the Lakers lead to 106-82, William began waving goodbye to Russ.

The Brody took exception to this, and he was seen asking the Rondo brother ‘who you talking to?’. More words were exchanged before arena security stepped in and escorted William off the premises.

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In this post-game interview, Russ emphasised on how the fans are there to just watch the game and shouldn’t in indulge in any sort of conversation with the players.

He called out both Rajon and William Rondo for their on-court and sideline behaviour respectively.

Russ comes off as incredibly salty with these comments. Supporters of the winning team have always talked trash, and even Westbrook was jawing at the Lakers’ families in Game 1 when the Rockets led.

Rajon Rondo defends his brother

In his post-game interview, Rajon Rondo defended his brother to the hilt, confirming that he just gave Westbrook the ‘Damian Lillard wave’. He also conceded that William called him ‘trash’ and nothing else.

The Lakers star has asked the NBA to look into the incident, investigate it thoroughly and then come to a conclusion.

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