“With Kevin Durant not playing, I hope they pick Jaylen Brown to be the replacement”: Jayson Tatum expresses his wish to suit up for the All-Star Game with his Celtics teammates

Advait Jajodia
|Published February 05, 2022

With Kevin Durant injured and expected to be sidelined for the All-Star Game, Jayson Tatum hopes the league selects Jaylen Brown as the replacement.

For the 2nd year in a row, Kevin Durant got named as one of the All-Star captains, injured himself, and will now not participate in the exhibition game. Last year, Domantas Sabonis was named as the replacement for KD. But this time, there are quite a few potential deserving players Adam Silver has to select from.

Pascal Siakam, Jarrett Allen, Miles Bridges, LaMelo Ball, Tyler Herro are all legit probables to be named as the replacement. However, according to Jayson Tatum, the NBA commissioner should pick his Boston Celtics teammate Jaylen Brown.

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“I might text Adam Silver, see what we can do”: Jayson Tatum on wanting Jaylen Brown to be named as Durant’s replacement

JT will more than likely be taking KD’s position as the starter. And before the Celtics-Pitons clash, Tatum further went on to express his wish to play the ASG alongside Brown.

“The experience is much better when you have a teammate there with you,” Tatum said after Friday’s shootaround. “And (Kevin Durant’s) not playing, so hopefully. He’s deserving for sure, so hopefully they pick (Brown) to be the replacement.”

“I might text Adam Silver,” Tatum joked. “See what we can do.”

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Brown has been averaging a solid 23.9 points, 6.6 rebounds, and 3.1 assists per game. But, because of the Cs’ subpar 29-25 record, Adam Silver might pick some other player over JB.

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