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“Wouldn’t Fight Those Guys if I Had a Gun in My Hand.”: Michael Jordan Once Gave Up a Chance to Win $25 Million After His First Retirement From NBA

Nithin Joseph

"Wouldn't Fight Those Guys if I Had a Gun in My Hand.": Michael Jordan Once Gave Up a Chance to Win $25 Million After His First Retirement From NBA

Michael Jordan is without a shadow of a doubt the greatest player in NBA history. He was a true superstar and a feared player on the court.

Given his greatness, his retirement in 1994 came as a huge shock to many. Jordan still looked like he could play for years on end, but personal circumstances forced him into his first retirement.

Following his announcement, MJ got numerous work offers. He would finally pick a career in the MLB, but only after turning down $25 million to box Evander Holyfield.

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Michael Jordan once turned down $25 million to fight either Evander Holyfield or Michael Moorer for the championship

With a net worth upwards of $2 billion, Michael Jordan is one of the richest men in the world. With money like that MJ can do as he pleases with his feet kicked up.

However, back in 1994, Jordan was not earning nearly as much money. To the point where when he first retired, he had to start looking for something to pay the bills. It was at this point that he received a $25 million offer to box either Evander Holyfield or Michael Moorer. An offer he obviously declined.

“I wouldn’t fight those guys if I had a gun in my hand.”

A smart decision from His Airness. Who knows if he would have returned to basketball the following year if he had taken up the offer?

Jordan made his dramatic return to the NBA a year after leaving for the MLB

Michael Jordan may have left the NBA to play baseball, but fate had other plans for him. Unable to stay away from the game he loves, MJ made his dramatic return to the hardwood court just a year after his so-called “retirement”.

It certainly was a shocking move. No one was expecting to see Michael lace up a pair of Jordans ever again. Although, the basketball world is grateful he did.

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