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“You be lying! You’re a liar”: LaMelo Ball was strong on the lil brother vibe while jesting with a fan seated courtside in the Hornets’ game vs Indiana Pacers

Amulya Shekhar

"You be lying! You're a liar": LaMelo Ball was strong on the lil brother vibe while jesting with a fan seated courtside in the Hornets' game vs Indiana Pacers

LaMelo Ball just earned 10000 XP on fan chemistry and a boost to his All-Star voting numbers with his latest courtside incident.

One of the emotions that best describes the game of basketball is joy. And watching LaMelo play the game provides every viewer bundles of this unbridled joy.

Joy is also the word that best describes the way the youngest Ball brother approaches his own game. He plays within his role, and yet, he’s able to show off his swagger in the fullest fashion whenever he sets foot on an NBA court.

When Melo has his 3-pointer going, he truly is one of the NBA’s most watchable talents. His entire arsenal of passes – especially in transition – reveals a true genius at work. Given how he’s just 20 years old, the sky seems to be the limit for the Michael Jordan protege.

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LaMelo Ball had one of the most hilarious courtside exchanges you’ll ever see against the Pacers

LaMelo’s flair for the dramatic isn’t just restricted to his on-ball skills. He’s got quite the timing and determination when it comes to shooing fans away.

He’s had fan interactions of a humorous nature in the past, but Instagram is now ablaze with this clip of him chirping away with a Pacers fan seated courtside as LaMelo Ball waited for a free throw routine.

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LaMelo Ball seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself every time he plays the Pacers this season. He’s clearly smarting from the beating the Hornets took against Indiana in their play-in game last year.

That edge aside, Melo is also a fierce competitor – a quality of his revealed by the way he’s enthusiastically approached every clash against the cream of the league’s talent.

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