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“You’re calling Michael Jordan ‘Black Jesus’?! F**k that, I’m calling him Mike!”: Kobe Bryant hilariously rejected the notion that the Bulls legend was ‘Jesus-like’

Samir Mehdi

“You’re calling Michael Jordan ‘Black Jesus’?! F**k that, I’m calling him Mike!”: Kobe Bryant hilariously rejected the notion that the Bulls legend was ‘Jesus-like’

Philadelphia 76ers staff reportedly referred to Michael Jordan as ‘Black Jesus’ and this didn’t fly too well with Kobe Bryant. 

Michael Jordan came into the NBA as one of the best players to take to the court. He won Rookie of the Year honors by putting up MVP numbers and soon became the league’s biggest draw by a longshot, rivalling the likes of both Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. 

 In merely his sophomore season with the Chicago Bulls, Larry Bird referred to the UNC graduate as ‘God disguised as Michael Jordan’ after he dropped 63 points on his Boston Celtics in Game 1 of the first round. Being known as ‘Black Jesus’ soon became a thing for Jordan, as his legend grew along with his prowess over the league.

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Given just how incredible Mike was during his time in the NBA, it’s quite obvious as to why Kobe Bryant looked up to. He did more than just look up to him as Jordan himself claimed that ‘Bean’ stole some of his moves. 

Despite looking up to the 6x champ, Kobe never went as far as to call him the infamous ‘Black Jesus’ nickname. 

Kobe Bryant hilariously rejected calling Michael Jordan ‘Black Jesus’. 

Kobe Bryant has always said that Michael Jordan was an older brother to him, ever since his rookie season, leading up to his retirement and further. However, like most brothers do, there was constant banter between the two. 

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Here, the Lakers legend talks about working out with staff in Philly. He would go on to inquire about what it was like facing off against Michael Jordan with the Sixers staff, to which they replied, “Oh you mean Black Jesus?” 

This caused Bryant to hilariously respond with, “What the f**k?! Who?! Imma call him f**king Mike!” he would go on to explain how that was the level of fear that the Bulls icon had instilled in the rest of the league; to the point where they referred to him as ‘Black Jesus’ even when he was not around.

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Samir Mehdi

Samir Mehdi


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