New F1 calendar to have 23 races

Utkarsh Bhatla
|Published 05/07/2018

The F1 calendar has been a great source of debate in the F1 fraternity, asa few fans want races all around the year, whereas some want the race count to come down so as to maintain the excitement and the thrill around the sport.

Liberty Media fall in line with those fans that want a a few more races, so as to extract the maximum possible revenue from the sport in an year.

Also, they feel that more races, in more geographies, will help make the sport a little more global.

Thus, in the strategy group meeting(which was held on Thursday), Liberty Media have decided to extend the F1 calendar by 10% and hence a 23 race calendar is expected to be dished out, as reported by Joe Saward.

With the German GP set to be dropped from the calendar and Miami almost certainly getting into the mix, there is scope for two more races to be added into the calendar.

The report also confirmed that the number of European races will stay intact and that the addendum will be made only in overseas circuits.

“Otmar Szafnauer says Strategy Group yesterday agreed to expand calendar by 10 percent, thus about 23 races a year. Europe will remain much the same, but expansion will be overseas.” Joe Saward said.

Do you feel a 23 race calendar is healthy for our sport or do you feel that added number of races will bring about ‘fatigue’ in the viewers?

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