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NFL Fans Believe Taylor Swift Took Shots at Travis Kelce’s Teammate in Her New Song

Anushree Gupta

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It was not long ago that Travis Kelce confessed to hearing some of Taylor Swift’s upcoming album before its release. But, even the standout Swifty couldn’t have guessed what the pop star had in store! Recently, Taylor Swift’s release of her new album song ‘The Alchemy’ caught the keen attention of Swifties for its references to her budding football romance.

Swifties are convinced that Kadarius Toney, the Chiefs wide receiver made his way to the new song from one of his epic moments shared with Kelce on-field. “When I touch down, call the amateurs and cut ’em from the team,” read the lyrics from Taylor Swift’s ‘Tortured Poets Department’ album song 15. The speculation stems from Kadarius Toney and Travis Kelce’s game back in December where they lost against the Buffalo Bills in a 20-17 game. Kadarius Toney’s offside penalty ruined Travis Kelce’s amazing lateral touchdown, thus making it worth the mention for Kelce’s girlfriend.

Despite the moment being a thing of the past, fans treated Taylor Swift’s reference to Toney with hilarity. Commenting on a post via X, many appreciated the originator for the bang-on tweet. A few others made hilarious calls to Toney, asking for his response to Swift’s lyrics. Take a look:

Delving into the details, the un-heroic play by Toney began with a pass to the Chiefs’ tight end down the field. He lateraled it to Kadarius Toney who had the opportunity to gain a six-point edge over the Bills. Instead, he made the end zone with a go-ahead touchdown, with flags for lining up offsides, pushing the Chiefs back five yards. Apart from the NFL reference, fans were intrigued by Taylor Swift’s mention of Travis Kelce in her latest album, though indirectly.

Taylor Swift Drops Reference to Boyfriend Travis Kelce in ‘The Alchemy’

The ‘Anti-Hero’ singer once confessed her love to Travis Kelce in her musical style. Altering the ‘Karma‘ lyrics in Buenos Aires, she described Travis Kelce as ‘Karma is the guy on the screen coming straight home to me’. Thereafter, it was only a matter of time until Travis Kelce found his original place in one of Taylor Swift’s pieces.

In her recent release, ‘The Alchemy’, Taylor Swift laid down various details of her relationship quite creatively, including a few from the Chiefs’ wins. Though most of them are subtle references, lyrics like ‘Shirts off, and your friends lift you up‘ famously refer to Jason Kelce’s shirtless celebration at the Highmark Stadium. ‘We’ve been on a winning streak‘ is also widely believed to point out ten out of 13 wins for the Chiefs in Taylor Swift’s presence.

The ‘So High School‘ song from the same album also has more on the TnT’s budding relationship with details like ‘Watching American Pie with you‘ and ‘You know how to ball I know Aristotle,’ to entertain the eagerly waiting lovebirds’ fans.

However, the most heart-melting reference ‘Where’s the trophy? He just comes, running over to me,‘ paints the Super Bowl scene vividly, where the lovebirds celebrated the big win on the field. Meanwhile, it isn’t hard to expect Travis Kelce’s references from Taylor Swift. But who would have thought that the NFL mania would become a part of Swift’s songs too?

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