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Antonio Brown Claims “I Am Not Broke, but I Am Fractured” in Response to Bankruptcy Reports

Oindrila Chowdhury

Antonio Brown Claims “I Am Not Broke, but I Am Fractured” in Response to Bankruptcy Reports

Antonio Brown recently turned quite a few heads by filing for bankruptcy. Considering that the former NFL star made $88 million throughout his NFL career, the announcement, which was initially made by his media company, CTESPN, appeared somewhat questionable. It turns out Brown did think this through, recently addressing his challenges during an episode of “The Pivot Podcast.”

The former Pittsburgh Steelers wideout was quite open about his situation, even describing his financial status as challenging. He asserted that he cannot comply with his debtors and faces potential lawsuits that could result in significant financial losses.

Therefore, with his income no longer in the ‘millions,’ AB sought to restructure his finances efficiently, leading to his decision to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. He also emphasized that he isn’t ‘broke’ but rather ‘fractured’ when it comes to his net worth.

“I mean, I’m f**ked up. I just can’t comply with debt. You know, it’s all about protecting yourself. I’m not broke, but I’m fractured. Things get overhead. Anybody can sue you, take you for whatever you got. At this point, I don’t work. I don’t make millions of dollars where it’s coming in, where I could just force someone that money. So, you know, chapter 11 is about restructuring the money you’re making so you can take care of the debt,” said Brown.

Antonio Brown is reported to owe nearly $3 million to creditors. According to the legal documents, Brown has debts with eight creditors, including a moving truck driver who won a lawsuit against him for $1.2 million. The former NFL star was sued for assault and battery.

In addition, lenders include credit card companies, a legal practice, and other judgments in civil court totaling several hundred thousand dollars. Conversely, Brown asserts that the worth of his assets is no higher than $50,000.

Transitioning back to “The Pivot Podcast” the conversation drew attention—especially when former NFL player turned podcast host Channing Crowder pointed out a contrast.

Crowder mentioned how Brown continues to flaunt signs of wealth such as his Super Bowl ring and luxurious accessories, despite stating he was facing financial challenges. In response, Brown shared a viewpoint. He framed his decision to file for bankruptcy not as a financial defeat but as a move to protect his reputation.

AB Reveals He Is Protecting His Legacy Despite Going Broke

By opting for Chapter 11, Antonio Brown wants to shield what he has amassed throughout his NFL career. Brown explained that his choice was not about money; it was about upholding his image. He stressed that restructuring his finances through this process was crucial for maintaining a public image.

“Chapter 11 doesn’t mean that you’re just out of everything. This comes with protecting your legacy, protecting where you’ve built, and being able to find a solution in regards to settling your debts,” Brown said.

Going beyond this aspect, Brown delved into the broader societal implications of wealth and influence, particularly for African-American men in the United States. He asserted that his success in the NFL and financial prosperity were components of both his identity and public perception. Lastly, he spoke passionately about imparting these values to his son.

“Do you know what it’s like to be a black male in America? If you don’t get money or you don’t get clout, then who are you really? I’ve just been blessed and fortunate to get both, and coming from a kid from Liberty City, you see a lot of wealthy people do this in Chapter 11. So to be able to experience things that I never thought I would be able to experience, it’s a blessing,” he continued.

The bankruptcy proceedings are still ongoing. It is uncertain whether Brown will be able to reorganize his debt and fulfill his repayments. While there is no clarification, there are rumors that his lifestyle decisions might have influenced the situation.

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