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As NFL Wild Card Round Heats Up, George Pickens Makes a Bold Prediction for Upsurging Steelers

Anushree Gupta

As NFL Wild Card Round Heats Up, George Pickens Makes a Bold Prediction for Upsurging Steelers

The NFL’s wildcard weekend is on the horizon, with two days to go. The Pittsburgh Steelers have made it to the postseason with their 10-7 record and three back-to-back victories for an explosive end. However, as they’re set to face the Buffalo Bills next weekend, their wide receiver George Pickens isn’t holding back on his optimism.

Pickens, who was drafted in the second round (52nd overall) of the 2022 NFL Draft, drew parallels between the Steelers and the Georgia Bulldogs, where he dwelled earlier. He iterated that he saw the same potential in the Bulldogs five years ago, and they went on to clinch the national championship. He said,

“5 years ago, I flipped my commitment to Georgia because I knew they had what it takes to win a championship. This team has what it takes to win a Super Bowl. Believe that.”

Pickens has been able to achieve hype for the Steelers, who in their AFC showdown have the No. 7 seed. They have a Super Bowl-winning head coach, Mike Tomlin, at their disposal, but with T.J. Watt ruled out for his knee injury, the road isn’t as easy as he poses.

Pickens has an optimistic tone which contrasts with his earlier statement about facing a higher level of practice with the Bulldogs. However, Pickens is a proud WR who made a 52-yard reception against the Alabama Crimson Tide in the 2022 CFP National Championship. His role helped seal the national title for the Bulldogs with a 33-18 win, which he might be looking to replicate with the Steelers. The limelight, moreover, is also on Tomlin, who has his mettle to prove before a rumored sabbatical from Pittsburgh.

Playoff Run Important for Mike Tomlin to Prove Worth like George Pickens

Mike Tomlin, who was appointed the Steelers’ head coach in 2007, is about to embark on his 11th playoff appearance. Despite leading them to their 17th consecutive non-losing season, there are speculations about his tenure with the team. Recent reports from ESPN insider Adam Schefter hinted at the possibility of Tomlin looking for a new home elsewhere.

While there is no concrete evidence of a split, Tomlin might want to make a third Super Bowl appearance. The only way to silence the doubters is to obtain a playoff victory, which has been missing since the 2016 season.

Talking about the Steelers’ journey ahead, crucial players like linebacker T.J. Watt and safety Minkah Fitzpatrick are dealing with injuries. This has cast a shadow on the Steelers postseason, in spite of what WR George Pickens believes. As Tomlin’s team goes forward, eyes are on Mason Rudolph, who can continue to carry on as the team’s quarterback. Trenton Thompson’s return after a neck injury might also give them a breather rather than a new addition.

As the Pittsburgh Steelers go forward, their Wild Card round is a crucial step. Not only would it send a bold message against Tomlin’s exit but also to the doubters of Pickens’ theory.

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