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Bo Nix Goes Honest on How His Team Prepared Harder to Beat Deion Sanders’ Colorado 42–6

Anushree Gupta

Bo Nix Goes Honest on How His Team Prepared Harder to Beat Deion Sanders' Colorado 42–6

Deion Sanders enjoyed a heroic status with the Colorado Buffaloes’ three straight wins in his debut season. Come Week 4, the Buffaloes suffer the first heartbreaking loss with a 42-6 final tally in an away game. Though the limelight hit Sanders instantly for his side of the story, Oregon’s fourth consecutive win of the season wasn’t by chance. According to star QB Bo Nix, it was sheer hard work and preparedness that helped the Ducks achieve a blowout win.

In his recent appearance at the ‘RGIII and The Ones‘ Podcast, Nix poured his heart out while discussing his final season at Oregon, his standings in the upcoming draft, and the famous comparison with Drew Brees. As Dan Lanning’s famous locker room message of ‘they’re playing for clicks and we’re playing for to win’ came up, Nix unfolded the true story behind what went down before their Week 4 win.

“We practiced all week, handling distractions and handling noise and handling the shoves and the bumps and the smack talk,” Nix said. “So we prepared for it before we even got there. That’s why it didn’t phase us when it happened. We knew it was going to happen, we just disregarded went out there and hung 40 and kept them to you know, under 10.”

While Bo Nix presents the turmoil with subtlety, the run-up to hosting the Colorado Buffaloes at Oregon was noisier than expected. Both the Ducks QB and Shedeur Sanders met as the undefeated quarterbacks, waiting to keep their records unblemished. But it was Nix, who came out as the winner, who downplayed its significance by stating that it was just another Saturday. He and his team were simply focused on defeating their opponent to the best of their ability.

Bo Nix Faced the Toughest Decision of His Life When Leaving Auburn

Bo Nix is going into the upcoming draft on the back of a four-year college football experience. Though an inspiring one, Nix’s journey has its own turning points, including his significant shift to the Oregon Ducks from the Auburn Tigers. This transition wasn’t at all an easy task for Nix, as he always considered winning a National Championship at Auburn.

“Yeah, that was by far the biggest and toughest decision that I had to make, not only for my career but for my life. My goal and dream was to play and win a championship at Auburn,” confessed Nix.

However, Nix’s toughest decision became one of the most fortunate events of his life as the former Ducks QB registered himself as one of the most ‘efficient’ quarterbacks in all of college football. The 24-year-old play-maker tallied a career-high 45 touchdowns, 4508 yards, and a 77.4% completion rate with the fewest turnover-worthy plays of any quarterback, as per

Moreover, his decision-making improved, which in Bo Nix’s words was an outcome of his ‘change in the mindset’, which came with a change in scenery. Now that he is all set to transition to the big league, he holds the unrealized dream of winning on the biggest stage. His deliverance and his wish to win make him a fascinating option for teams, including the Denver Broncos amongst many other teams that need a quarterback in 2024.

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