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“Brett Favre Stopped Drinking Soda”: Ex-NFL QB’s Weight Changes Explored Amid Joe Burrow’s Transformation

Yagya Bhargava

“Brett Favre Stopped Drinking Soda”: NFL Stars’ Weight Changes Explored Amid Joe Burrow’s Transformation

Joe Burrow is gearing up for the 2024 NFL season with a new look and a revamped diet. Social media is buzzing with excitement over his physical transformation, sparking some lively discussions among analysts such as Mike Florio and Chris Simms. They dived deep into the topic of athletes making changes in their physique to up the ante and whether it has proven effective over the years.

Simms and Florio believe Burrow has proven to be an exceptional playmaker over the years, but he’s had some bad luck with injuries. Thus, adding some “physical armor” around him is only prudent. Simms, however, emphasized the importance of finding the sweet spot between being too bulky and too thin, as extremes in either direction can hinder his gameplay.

If he’s too bulky, he might struggle to maneuver in the pocket, while being too thin could make him vulnerable to hard hits. Florio then reminisced about how Brett Favre lost a lot of weight by just cutting soda and beer from his meals and became a lot thinner. But that didn’t really help, as he took a lot of hits due to the lack of natural protection.

“I remember years ago, Brett Favre stopped drinking soda and/or beer in the off-season and lost a lot of weight and he was thinner and he got banged around a lot. Still, didn’t miss a game. Still, found a way to keep going but he realized it’s a lot easier when you got more natural flesh on your frame to protect you,” said Mike Florio.

With that said, Ravens QB Lamar Jackson has also entered the body transformation conversation during this off-season. However, he has taken a different route from Joe Burrow. Building on their point, the two analysts also explored the upsides and downsides of their differing approaches, offering insights into how the diverse paths could affect their upcoming season.

Florio and Simms Delve Into the Body Transformation of Lamar Jackson Compared to Joe Burrow

Lamar Jackson’s made some serious gains in the weight loss department, shedding a whopping 25 pounds over two years. He went from 230 pounds to 215 before the 2023 season, and now he’s cruising at 205 pounds. This lighter weight surely amps up his speed on the field. However, Mike Florio’s got reservations: Will this slimmed-down physique keep him safe from those bone-crushing NFL hits?

“When he was larger, he got injured and last year, he didn’t get injured,” Florio recalled, adding, “So, who knows what happens with 10 more pounds off of his frame in 2024 and I don’t know how much of a connection there is to it anyway. There is a randomness to the idea that somebody hits you, sometimes it hurts, sometimes it doesn’t.”

Chris Simms adds another layer, pointing out that Joe Burrow and Lamar Jackson possess distinct skill sets. This means their training camp strategies must be customized to assess how their weight changes affect their game. Only by comparing their current performance to past seasons can they truly measure the impact.

However, Simms also raised a red flag that Lamar Jackson’s weight loss might be all about preserving his speed, a tactic often seen with aging athletes. But chasing speed at the expense of durability could spell trouble. Meanwhile, Joe Burrow’s weight gain might sacrifice agility for added protection. Although it’s a delicate balance, both players would eventually have to find their sweet spot before the 2024 NFL season kicks off.

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