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Caleb Williams Fires Back at Former NFL Quarterback For Claiming the USC QB Has Never Faced Adversity

Yagya Bhargava

Caleb Williams Fires Back At Former NFL Quarterback For Claiming the USC QB Has Never Faced Adversity

With the Chicago Bears gearing up for the first pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, all eyes are on former USC football star quarterback Caleb Williams. Williams is relishing the attention as the surefire first pick, however, amidst the hype, he had to take a moment to address recent speculations about his draft stock.

Apparently, Former NFL Quarterback Greg McElroy stirred the pot, questioning whether Williams truly plays with a chip on his shoulder or has faced enough adversity in his college career to rank amongst the elites in the NFL. He said:

Caleb Williams, from the time he stepped on campus at Oklahoma to the time he stepped on campus at USC, has never experienced adversity. Very little adversity as far as how he was received, how he was portrayed as the next-best guy.”

Williams fired back with a response when the clip landed on his social media timeline, attributing his reply to sheer boredom at the time. He listed three instances of adversity he conquered over his three collegiate seasons in Oklahoma and South Carolina.

If the sole comparison benchmark is Patrick Mahomes, inarguably the most successful player in football right now, then there’s certainly a case to be argued. However, that is also similar to painting minute details with a broad brush. The only notable ‘adversity’ Mahomes faced was being behind Davis Webb at Texas Tech before assuming the starting role when Webb left for California. With that said, let’s delve deeper into the points raised by Caleb Williams in his rebuttal to Greg McElroy.

What Adversities Has Caleb Williams Faced?

Caleb Williams began his freshman year at Oklahoma in 2021 as the backup to Spencer Rattler, However, he quickly rose to the occasion, taking over as the starter midway through the season. His peak moment came during a thrilling comeback victory over Texas. In just seven games, Williams showcased his talent with 21 passing touchdowns, 6 rushing touchdowns, and 4 interceptions.

While some critics may downplay this as typical freshman-year challenges, Williams has also encountered adversity in other forms. Williams’ transfer from Oklahoma to USC marked a significant shift, which required him to adapt to a new environment, team dynamics, and coaching staff. Such transitions can pose challenges for any player, particularly a quarterback who plays a pivotal leadership role.

Despite his personal achievements, Caleb Williams encountered hurdles with team performance during his tenure at USC. The Trojans’ disappointing 7-5 record in his final college football season weighed heavily on him.

During his Heisman-winning season, Williams’ hamstring injury during the 2023 Pac-12 Championship game against Utah undoubtedly hindered his ability to lead the team. Dealing with such injuries takes a toll on athletes, both physically and emotionally and that ends up impacting their performance and overall experience on the field.

However, transitioning to the NFL presents a whole new set of challenges. The intensity of games increases, criticism becomes harsher, and there are no guarantees of success. Despite these uncertainties, if one were to bet on a prospect to become the “next-big guy,” Caleb Williams certainly stands out as a promising prospect.

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